Solo Leveling Chapter 136 English Spoiler, Raw Scans Release Date

The time for Solo Leveling Chapter 136 is finally here and today we share with you the release date of all English spoilers and raw scans.

The giant couple standing in front of the S-rank dungeon in the sky of Tokyo was considered the owner but unfortunately, he was just one of the soldiers, then who is the boss?

Quick announcement: English spoilers are shared below for everyone to read.

A lot of effort is made to defeat Vishal but Jin-woo soon realizes that he was not the boss and that the dungeon will not close until the cellar owner is killed and there are chances for more monsters to exit.

What will Jin-woo’s next move be? Is he ready to wait inside the monster? Is it going to be another giant or a sovereign itself?

The upcoming Solo Leveling 136 RAW is going to be a great one, so don’t miss it at any cost.

Solo leveling will soon enter the US arc at the end of the Japan arc, and there is news of a solo leveling anime being announced soon. This is good news for everyone, isn’t it?

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Solo Leveling Chapter 136 Raw Scans Release Date

Solo leveling manhwa has proved itself to be one of the best manhwa in the world and hundreds of new people join the pandics everyday. For those who do not know, solo leveling is a South Korean manhwa and thus all chapters are initially released in the South Korean language.

Since its language is known by very few people, these chapters need to be translated first, so that fans around the world can read them. These Korean chapters serve as raw scans.

Solo leveling 136 raw scans will be released on Friday, January 20, 2021. All the raw chapters are officially available for reading on the official website of Kakopage.

Once the scan is released, scanning teams from around the world start translating the site so that fans around the world can read them. The chapter is translated into English, French, German etc. languages.

Most fans await the Solo Leveling Chapter 136 English version and we are here with its release date and time.

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Solo leveling manga 136 english chapter release

Once the Solo Levelings are out of the raw scan, they are translated and thus we get our English chapter.

If you are someone who eagerly awaits the release of an English chapter, then you should read this article in its entirety as we are spoiling the English chapter’s release time and the English below.

The chapter takes about 3-4 hours to translate and then we all get the English version of Solo Leveling 136.

Here you can read the upcoming Solo Leveling English 136 chapter worldwide.

  • Pacific Time: 11 am – 3 pm
  • Central Time: 1 PM
  • Korean Time – 5 AM – 11 AM
  • Indian Standard Time – 11 AM – 3 PM

Now let’s move on to English Spoilers. See also our article Boruto chapter 57 While you wait for the solo leveling English chapter.

Read solo leveling 136 english spoiler

The battle is nearing its critical stage and we are sending you here again to read the Solo Leveling Chapter 136 spoiler.

We try not to spoil the entire chapter, but if you are someone who does not want to read any spoilers or raws before the official release, please close this article.

  • Vishal falls to the ground and a message is displayed saying “You have defeated your enemy”.
  • You level up. But why is Jin-woo still on guard?
  • The notification states that he defeated an enemy and not the boss demon.
  • So who is the owner and is he still inside the basement?
  • Another question pops out inside Jin-woo’s head, can he cast out this giant shadow?
  • Soon Vishal’s mouth starts moving and Beru comes out of it.
  • Suddenly a gust of wind blew it and the surrounding environment became dense, what is it?
  • Jin-woo quickly turns his head about which direction this magical energy is coming from, it was coming from inside the dungeon.
  • There is something inside, he soon knew.
  • Jin-woo sees Yoo Jin-ho and tells him to stay outside when he leaves.

So this is what we now have about the forthcoming chapter 136 Solo Leveling Spoiler. We will update the article more soon. So stay together Recent highlights.

Let us know what you think will happen in the comments below in the upcoming Solo Leveling chapter and also check out our article Rent A Girlfriend Season 2 while you wait.

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