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For twelve long years, ‘The Big Bang Theory’ has demonstrated the worst of society’s prejudices, and the audience sat back and laughed. Casteism and sexism were not only part of the joke, which made the audience laugh, but were also deeply rooted within the structure of the show. Whether the audience chose to ignore it, or simply did not pay attention, the show’s continued support drove these ideas further.

‘The Big Bang Theory served covert misinformation, racism, and all kinds of nonsense for 12 seasons, More than 15 million regular viewers in the name of a comedy. He fooled us with repetitive jokes, normalized prejudices, reinforced stereotypes and still managed to rule the audience’s heart 12-season long Filled innocence with some ignorance.


  • ‘The Big Bang Theory’ publicized the worst society trophies
  • American viewers are not aware of the prejudices served through geek sitcoms
  • How ‘The Big Bang Theory’ survived political outrage and continued for 12 years

Racism and sexism in ‘The Big Bang Theory’

Let’s start exposing their prejudices with racism. Until season 10, the show’s only brown star Kunal Nayyar His white, male co-stars earned only 80 percent per episode.

Not only that, but his character has also been at the end of bad jokes, which is almost always with his culture and race. Rajesh Kuthrapali is a typical brown boy Crippled by the inability to speak to women, with a foreign accent. ‘The Big Bang Theory’, through Raj, reinforces the image of an Indian by an American daddy.

Video courtesy: CBS This Morning

The show confirms and mock the fact Premarital sex A great thing for Indians. In an episode where Raj hooks up with Penny (Kaley Cuco), He says

“As your friend, you may want to know that we did not have sex in the traditional sense”.

Penny responds by responding to this, “Oh God, did you pull some weird Indian shit on me?”

‘The Big Bang Theory’ portrays the image of an Indian through the gaze of a white person. Indians will hardly agree that Raj’s character has much in common with the Indian community. But, after consuming ‘The Big Bang Theory’ for years, many people in America think that Indian Raj is like Kothrapali, and the older generation of Indians is just as much a boss as their parents.

Big Bang Theory Racism and Sexism

Even his sister Priya Kothrapali, who is a successful lawyer, fears her parents being a white lover. He, as one Indian woman, Appears to have no freedom or choice in his life.

‘The Big Bang Theory’ also exposed misconceptions like other modern sitcoms. Throughout the show, the men are persuaded to neglect household chores. More importantly, the show is based on the acceptance of all female characters by society, whatever it may be. Amy’s passion With pregnancy against feeling good or Penny’s constant refusal to consider it.

American viewers are not aware of the prejudices served through geek sitcoms

Undoubtedly, and unfortunately, most viewers were caught in this trope of comedy. It does not matter that he did not care for these things, or simply chose to ignore them. He loved what he was served. Otherwise, why would it be one of the most watched shows on American television? Were they unable to change the channel for 12 years?

Video Credit: Pop Culture Detective

People loved and repeatedly served the stereotype by laughing and hiding at jokes. We, as a society, laughed when Raj became the subject of racist jokes. We laughed when women were not respected.

Unlike the title, which depicts the evolution of the universe, the plot of ‘The Big Bang Theory’ never developed. Unlike the big bang, which was an instant event, the sitcom became a long nightmare for the politically conscious few.

How ‘The Big Bang Theory’ survived political outrage and continued for 12 years

Some viewers too Voiced against the show. ‘The Big Bang Theory’ faced controversy for its huge pay gap. Mayim Balik and Melissa Rauch were making ten times less than their male counterparts.

Later, to avoid controversy and resentment, many Male lead cuts $ 100,000 salary to increase salary Of the two actresses. Although the plot of ‘The Big Bang Theory’ has been in controversy throughout, the cast has faced controversies, despite controversial themes.

Video Credit: Mayim Balik

In 2015, in an interview with “Redbook magazine”, Said Kelly Cuoco She was not a feminist. He received heavy remorse and later had to reverse his stand.

My Mim Balik gained warmth during the Me to Movement, for a piece he wrote “new York Times”. He was accused of blaming Harvey Weinstein’s victims for what had happened to him. He argued that the victims were responsible for the way they dressed.

It is still unclear how we managed to clap and laugh out loud in response to the crass comedy and never raise our voice against the regressive non-sentiment that served us. Should we not be ashamed to rule television for 12 years?

Let me tell you if you agree about many problems with ‘The Big Bang Theory’. Or do you think everyone should be forgiven in the name of comedy? Share your thoughts in the comment box below!

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