Sons of Anarchy Canceled: The Real Cause Behind Sudden End

‘Honors of anarchy’ may have left our screens, but our minds have not done so yet. The show was canceled long ago, but we absolutely could not wrap our heads around it for that reason. Why did Kurt Sutter leave ‘Sons of Anarchy’?

Action, Crime, Drama: Mix them all and you get a Kickass series Who ruled the hearts and charts for a very long time. What are we talking about Kurt Sutter’s ‘Sons of Anarchy’ Which which Started in 2008 And ran its course until 2014. Netflix again created the magic after purchasing the show. However, he too was taken down in the year 2018, thus relieving fans. ‘Sons of Anarchy’ is being canceled for the second time Was definitely a shock to the fans. Of course, there are other means to access the show, but having an official channel where it can be watched with utmost convenience was the best experience.


  • ‘Sons of Anarchy’ was canceled, lowering fans’ expectations
  • Nevertheless, Netflix retained the legacy to trust again
  • But soon, it was also taken down?
  • What was the real reason?

Why was Sons of Anarchy canceled? Did Netflix really carry on Jackson Taylor’s legacy? Let us spread the beans for you, directly from the archives. The story may be out of date, but your favorite shows are not missing wounds, and ‘Son of Anarchy’ is definitely one of the favorites for many of its fans.

Sons of Anarchy ‘canceled and Kurt Sutter is not withdrawing

The reply to the cancellation of ‘Sons of Anarchy’ was contained in the old tweets of the creator and the reason is attached to it. Disney and Fox The deal, as well as Disney, launched its TheMiracleTech platform Disney +. Yes, it was in conversation for a long time. Disney’s tampering with its own content was a major setback, ruling the TheMiracleTech space’s roster with Netflix. ‘Anarchy’s cancellation on Netflix For this reason, as Kurt clearly stated in his tweet.

Quite neat. This is exactly why ‘Mains MC. Not on Netflix.

Schematic or Paginated?

Much later during the cancellation of the show’s broadcast, fans’ disappointment stems from the fact that it was wrapped and not renewed. But, was it due to some issues or was it originally planned? Well, the fans are disappointed.

It was originally conceptualized as a series of seven seasons. However, the latter season was not as well appreciated as before. Thus, the cancellation of the series was not so much because it was banned, but because it was planned, or perhaps, both.

‘Sons of Anarchy’ canceled: The real reason behind the sudden ending

What’s next for ‘Sons of Anarchy’?

‘Sons of Anarchy’ has ended for good and is not coming back. ‘Mayans MC’, however, is another series set in the same universe and a spin-off. This is a good way to relieve the world for fans of the original series as it tells the story of rivals Mayan’s motorcycle club, Sons, who later replaced their allies. The show is going well for now and is already ready and fresh for its third season which will air soon. The pandemic was also delayed here.

Amidst all this, another show was performed by Sutter, which did not go well and hence had to be canceled. We are talking about ‘The Bastard Executioner’. The show, which started off as a promising one, did not get good judgment from the audience till the end. In fact, if Kurt Sutter was to be believed, the audience’s decision was clear and defined. “Meh“.

Clearly, taking that response into consideration is not something that a creator would want to carry forward. The viewership dropped to 1.9 million for the season’s sixth episode. Not only this, critics also banned it. Time Explicitly stating that although this story has potential, it was lacking “Star wattage“.

For all, the ‘Honors of Anarchy’ is cut off and canceled for good, with the remnants of the legacy running as the ‘Men’s MC’. That’s enough for the fans. If not, we can always do reruns of the original series.

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