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Did Java have to die? Here is an analysis of why his suicide made the most sense on the show.

After running for seven successful seasons, the hit FX drama ‘Sons of Anarchy’ Ended up on such a note that fans are still thinking about it. The show has been close to six years on, and fans have yet to notice the fact that The Last Taylor, Jacqueline Taylor, and part of a dangerous biker gang, killed themselves in the finale. A show about bikers sprung up with lots of violence and tragedy, with many amazing characters and good writing, ‘sons of Anarchy‘Was ideologically inspired by Shakespeare’s’ Hamlet’. It is not a complaint that the subject of the tragedy, which had been going on all along on the show, broke out in the final episode with the death of the main character. And yet, It seemed heartbreaking to see Jax dying.

Jax Taylor wanted to go out like his father.

main characteristics –

  • Everyone knew the end of the show
  • Because Jackson’s suicide was inevitable

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Everyone knew the end of the show

But it just so happens that the makers of the show have held it together all along. In the series finale, we see Jax Taylor leaving SAMCRO Back forever, and then violently killed himself, riding his motorcycle directly into an upcoming truck. The show’s executive director and producer Paris Barclay wanted the show to have a good synergy in the narrative arc. “From the first week in the writer’s room, when Kurt [Sutter, the show’s creator] Put the big arch of the story in front, we knew this was where we were going “ They told “Tv line”.

Jackson Taylor’s son of chaos | Trending today | Tech

Because Jackson’s suicide was inevitable

The show was always undertaking a Shakespearean tragedy. In all its violence and blood count and moral decline, there were woven sad notes.

“It was always like pre-planned. We are telling a tragedy, and it has Shakespeare’s overtones and undertones. If you are telling a tragedy, it never ends happily ”, says Barclay.

It was just the expected end Jackson Taylor in ‘Sons of Anarchy’ Tucked into the truck with his own hands to his death, and had to go out on his own terms. In this, there is also a tension of the inevitability of Jax’s death. The character was meant to die in the end and die that way.

Jax dies the same way his father John Taylor preceded him.. In this sense, the act moves with John. “The idea he was leaving came out the same way“, it is said Kurt Sutter. In the last two episodes, there is a certain peace and quiet that rests on the character of Jax Taylor, who is in a way the presenter of his final decision to commit suicide. After saying that, what was Java going to do? Whatever had happened to him, his path was either something, or jail, because he was followed by the police.

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One of the unheard rules of a good series finale is to never leave any loose threads. The death of Jacques Taylor in ‘Sons of Anarchy’ This hit drama about a group of bandits in society indicates a poignant end.

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