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Madrid And Barcelona, ​​Spain, November 18, 2020 / PRNewswire / – “Today is a historic day: With the Charter for Digital Rights, Spain Becomes a pioneer in guaranteeing the protection of digital rights, thus triggering a debate on technical humanism Europe And all over the world ”. With these words, the Secretary of Digitization and Artificial Intelligence of the Spanish State, Carme ArigaHas presented the first draft of this charter aimed at strengthening the protection of citizens’ rights and freedoms in the changing digital environment due to the disintegration of technological progress. Submission, Hosted by Mobile Tech Capital Barcelona Digital Future Society The initiative involves a debate between experts who have drafted an initial charter for digital rights led by the Spanish government.

The Charter acts as a set document, not a regulatory one, proposing a framework for action by public authorities that allows it to navigate in the current digital environment, leveraging all its capabilities and mitigating its risks Does. It contributes to leading an essential and global process that guarantees humanitarian digital transformation, keeping people at the center.

Ertiga has highlighted the collaborative work that has been developed: “The charter is the result of intensive work by various actors, we have attracted the rights and freedoms we want to debate, we provide the first conclusions to the citizens, Which are already open public consultation. We want this document to be the most agreed upon. “

The Secretary of State stated that the digital transformation of ” Spain Important for the economic recovery of our country; We should move towards a digital economy ”. In addition: “The Charter serves several purposes: Strengthen rights, generate certainty and guarantee the safety of citizens in a digital environment.”

“This document seeks to transform an ethical framework for digital rights into a transnational, holistic and humanitarian vision for the rest of the countries to become an international benchmark. A national project that leaves no one behind, ”emphasized Artigus.

CEO of Mobile Tech Capital Barcelona, Carlos Gru, Assured that “the preparation of the charter exposes a reality that we can no longer ignore: we are facing a true digital emergency and we must be aware of the fragility of that digital moment, in which we are very It is late. We should create social awareness about digital emergency, we are all responsible for setting the roadmap, so that we should move forward as a society, just like technological development. ”

On his turn, director of the Digital Future Society, Christina Colum, Has indicated the need to “foster a public-private collaboration to create new policies that address the digital future in a multidimensional and transitory way, but, above all, that it must be efficiently put into practice Can be brought. “

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