Spencer Confidential 2: Netflix has hinted at a sequel, Peter Berg confirms

Director Peter Berg has confirmed that Spencer is becoming a sequel to the 2020 action comedy film, Spencer Confidential. Berg will work closely with Mark Wahlberg to produce the sequel.

Peter Berg confirmed in an interview that Spencer Confidential 2 is “definitely happening”. According to him, the film is in the initial stage of production and it has already reached the script stage.

Peter Berg also revealed that Brian Helgeland, who wrote the screenplay for the first film, has produced the first draft for Spencer Confidential 2. “So we’re definitely going to do Spencer Confidential 2, we’re just trying to find out the dates.,” Says Peter Berg.

Spencer Confidential is a Netflix police live-action film adapted from the Spencer novels of Richard B. Parker. Co-producers Wahlberg and Berg have collaborated for the franchise for the fifth time.

What can we expect from Spencer Confidential 2?

Producers who should be integrated into the production of Spencer Sequel’s second film, Wahlberg and Peter Berg, are currently busy with other projects. This will delay the release of Spencer Confidential 2.

Although the sequel is definitely on the list, Berg revealed that it is not his immediate plan. Whaleberg is busy adapting the video game series Unkred with his project in Germany. “I’m going to do something else before Spencer Confidential 2, but we’re definitely going to do it. I’m sure Mark and I will be making 85, 90 year old movies together. We like to work together, ”Berg commented about his collaboration with Vallberg.

Berg further states that the sequel “will be put up for production in late 2021 or early 2022.” Details of the cast and plot are not known until now, and the makers have not clarified anything about the sequel.

In Spencer Confidential, Spencer, a former co-partner with MMA Fighter Hawk, finds out who murdered his former colleagues.

By the end of the film, Spencer resolves the current case at hand, holding a puff of another mystery to solve. While the film is still to tailor the production process, the first film, Spencer Confidential, catches up exclusively on Netflix.

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