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The latest MCU rumors suggest that Spider-Man 3 will be one of the most hated Spider-Man stories in the history of Marvel comics.

The MCU is set to put all its cards on the table for Spider-Man 3. And while it seems natural for the film to do so, Tom Holland’s final appearance of Spider-Man may be under Marvel. What Started with Spider-Man: Homecoming teased Multiverse in Spider-Man: Away from Home will end in the final third installment.

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We have already heard many reports about MCU Spider Man 3. The first, Jamie Foxx, revealed that he would surprise the role of Electro again from Sony’s The Amazing Spider-Man. Then we came to know that Benedict’s Doctor Strange would also play a role in it. He will be Peter’s new patron after Tony. And last but not least, Marvel has reportedly interacted with both Andrew Garfield and Toby Maguire for the film. And it makes perfect sense because the film will be worked with Spider poem. To see Andrew and Toby as their roles would be the perfect way to bring SpiderWor to the big screen.

Another day optimization in MCU

Now that they all have their own reasons, there is a big reason that connects them all. A new theory suggests that the MCU will include one of the most hated stories in Marvel comics in Spider-Man 3- “One More Day”. For those of you who don’t know about it, “One More Day” focuses on the plot post- “Civil-War” which spans multiple Marvel titles. In it, Spider-Man is unmasked and the world discovers his identity.

As fate would have it, by revealing her identity to the world, Peter risked the lives of those close to her, the aunt paying the most. He was shot and was on his death bed. This was when Mephisto, the demon, offered a deal to both Peter Parker and Mary Jane Watson. If they trader their relationship and agree to erase their marriage from history, then Aunt May will survive.

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And we all know what will happen next. Spider-Man chose humans. (This is what connects him to us). Aunt May lived, and Peter and Mary Jane never married. And the world forgot Spider-Man’s true identity. It was a fresh start, but most Marvel fans did not like it all.

Spider man 3 and a new spider-verse

If we were to put it in the Spider-Man 3 story, Doctor strange (Benedict Cumberbatch) may play the role of Mephisto. After all, we’ve already seen Stephen Strange bargaining, with Dormammu (Time Loop for Planet Earth) and Thanos (Time Stone for Tony’s life). Apart from this, we also know that WandVision and Doctor Strange in Multiverse of Madness will include such magical items.

However, one of the two post-credit scenes of Spider-Man: Far Home Ne j. Showed Joanna Jameson (JK Simmons) and told the world about Spider-Man’s secret identity. The fact that JK Simmons reprized his character as head of the daily Bugle is a sign that a spiderweaver might be in the play.

So, could this mean that Sinister Six (rumored to be introduced in MCU Spider-Man 3) would target Ned and MJ? And if this is the case, what will Peter Holland’s Peter Parker do?

In keeping with the “One More Day” story, we can see Spider-Man (Tom Holland) being transported to Doctor Strange, but the solution may come with a cost. However, this means not only Ned and MJ but also the Avengers’ minds can erase their identity. And from a copyright standpoint, it means that, because Spider-Man will soon bid for the MCU. It serves as the right way (and also emotional) to release the Avengers.

And when Tom Holland’s Spidey leaves the MCU, the Spider-Man 3 film will be the perfect farewell to the trio Spidey together on the big screen. Resetting his secret identity will change the past, Sony will be able to use the character to establish a new world of its own. All these possibilities have a saying, “Well, I’m out of patience”; Is not it?

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