Spotlighting the Industry’s Digitally-Driven Roadmap for Post-Covid Recovery, Resilience and Resurgence – Tech at Frost & Sullivan Intelligent Mobility Summit 2020

Tokyo, November 5, 2020 / PRNewswire / – COVID-19 has impacted four areas of connectivity, shared, electric, and autonomous (CASE) in the mobility industry, even new consumer behavior, competitive responses, innovation strategies, and business models. To continue. The crisis has provided a massive impetus to digital initiatives in the mobility value chain. Stakeholders are accelerating digital transformation with innovative, digitally driven business models and value-added services that will ease the push towards a stronger, more resilient future.

To understand how digitization is strengthening the mobility landscape, the theme of this year’s Frost & Sullivan Intelligent mobility summit 2020 “Intelligent Mobility: The Digital Acceleration”. The two-day online summit, to be held on November 24–25, 2020, will provide unique insights into the role of digital technologies in helping stakeholders, in particular. Asia Pacific Navigate the area, the new normal, and shape the dynamics in a future postwar scenario.

To register your presence at this major, attend the flagship Intelligent Mobility Summit, please see: http://frost.ly/4su

This year’s complimentary event features Frost & Sullivan’s mobility experts and industry leaders Ashwani gupta, Director, COO / CPO, Nissan Motor Co., Ltd .; Christopher wenner, Managing Director, BMW Group Asia; Pras Ganesh, Executive vice president of the project, Toyota Daihatsu Engineering & Manufacturing Co., Ltd .; And. Juan Carbonell, Head of Solutions APAC, Mowit.

Panel discussions and industry presentations will focus on six thematic areas:

  • Future of connectivity
  • New Paradigm – New Business Model
  • Shared mobility and distribution on demand trends
  • Future electrification and autonomous driving
  • Digital Retailing in Automotive Industry
  • Future of last mile delivery

As connectivity capabilities and services improve, the challenge will be to address privacy and data security concerns with the need for more real-time vehicle information. In the meantime, mobility companies will face the dilemma of whether to adopt the Go-It’s strategy or push for greater interoperability and open standards.

“New digitally empowered business models — user-based, service-oriented or data monetization-driven, among them — are gaining momentum in the mobility value chain,” notes Vivek vaidya, Associate Partner and Senior Vice President, Mobility Practice, Asia Pacific, Frost & Sullivan. “Start-ups are upsetting traditional value chains, creating new use cases, and promoting novel ideas about value creation.”

Participants in the hard-hit shared mobility segment are evaluating new business approaches. For example, many ride hailing, e-scooters, and e-hailing companies are reinventing their offerings by riding on the boom for last mile food and grocery deliveries.

Vehicle electrification and autonomy are long-term strategies that remain largely untouched by the effects of the epidemic. Moving forward on circular economy and innovating to zero practices, automakers are continuing to develop electric vehicle / autonomous driving (EV / AD) platforms and architectures.

Digital automotive retail has received mass filler during the epidemic. Vaidya says, “Changes in customer behavior are forcing automakers to simplify the journey from vehicle purchase to delivery and promote seamless access to contactless parts / services delivery and online retail Miracle. ” “Simultaneously, developing online-offline dynamics are changing dealerships and distribution models.”

Advances in enabling technologies are expanding the capacity of urban air mobility (UAM) applications. Cargo drones are being touted as a last mile delivery solution, while passenger UAM vehicles offer the promise of solving urban congestion. Continuous innovation and regulatory oversight will be important to increase market prospects.

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