SRK’s house mannat was deserted on his 55th birthday this year: – Miracle Revind

Shahrukh Khan is currently in UAE. This year, the actor has discontinued the tradition of waving for his fans. Prior to this year, Mannat was thrilled by SRK fans on his birthday. Fans speculated that SRK would appear. However, on Monday this year, when SRK turned 55, Mannat gave a deserted look.

This year’s 55th birthday of SRK’s house Mannat

Earlier, Sharukh Khan requested his fans not to gather outside Mannagh on his birthday this year. Kovind has left the epidemic mannat this year on the actor’s birthday. Only a few policemen were seen outside and he was also present to ensure that the crowd did not gather outside the vow.

On his 55th birthday, Shah Rukh Khan Was in Dubai with his family. On the other hand, due to the ongoing Kovind, his residence Mannat seems deserted during the day. However, few people were seen at Shahrukh’s house at night and clicked a selfie. Appealing to people not to gather outside Mannat on his birthday this year, Shah Rukh said, “This year Pyaar Gaya Woh Woh Bhi Yaar (this time show your love from afar)” ahead of his birthday.

SRK's birthday
SRK’s birthday

Nevertheless, his fan club virtually celebrated his birthday. Yash Parayani is a member of the actor’s fan club. He said that fans will be cutting cakes at their homes and can attend the birthday celebrations through live streaming fans.

Yash revealed, “This year, we need to do virtually everything but making sure that the celebrations are still grand, it’s a festival for us. Fans are going to be in Mannat from Sunday midnight through live streaming Will be a virtual experience. “

According to the report, some charitable events such as distribution of masks and sanitizers along with 5555 Kovid kits and 5555 meals to the needy will be organized on the occasion.

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