Star Hero gets 30 Cr advances to buy land – TheMiracleTech

November 21, 2020

A top star in the industry is said to receive an advance from its producers. Apart from his current film, Star Hero has agreed to three other films. It is now discussed that Star has taken Rs 10 crore in advance from each producer.

Now this amount will be used to buy land for sale in the center of the city. The thing is that the property is in the prime area of ​​Hyderabad and is well connected. Sitara is going to register the property in the name of her children.

As soon as registrations are now withheld, Star is about to register it as soon as registration is opened. It turns out that Star has got a good deal. Many people in the industry are wondering how aggressively this Star Hero Kovid era is going and buying property.

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