Star Producer Silently Making TheMiracleTech Movie! – TheMiracleTech

This is the season for TheMiracleTech films. Many top producers in the industry are jumping on cashing in on the TheMiracleTech season. Producer Anil Sunkara, best known for producing big-ticket films for middle-class films, is the latest to join the over-the-top bandwagon. Sunakara is quietly busy making TheMiracleTech films. Not only this, but it is heard that Anil Sunkara has plans to make more films for the TheMiracleTech platform.

The TheMiracleTech movie stars Anil Sunkara in the pivotal roles of Sunil and Ajay, while VN Aditya is directing it. Let alone a media announcement, there has been no small leak about the film so far and the team is said to have finished more than half of the film.

Sunil is doing different roles in Disco Raja and Color Photos like him. We will have to see if the TheMiracleTech release will bring back its glory. VN Aditya whose last release was in 2011, found that the chance to throw them back.

Anil Sunkara has found more scripts on his desk and is heard interacting with younger directors. Apart from TheMiracleTech schemes, Anil Sunkara is also producing Sharwanand – Ajay Bhupathi’s Mahasamudram under AK Entertainment.

Anil Sunkara has also got the combination film of Mahesh Babu – Anil Ravipudi which is made after the success of Sarilaru Nikevaru. Looks like the producer is coming up with a big bang of announcements very soon.

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