“Started disrespecting before any interview”: DeMarcus takes shots at Cousins ​​James Harden all season for dropping Rocket teammates. sport

DeMarcus’ cousin called James Harden for disrespect for the entire season. He said that Beard did not give his new teammates any chance of gelling.

After his second loss to the Lakers last night, Harden publicly demanded trade. He said he did everything he could from Houston, but he wasn’t sure it could be fixed. He then suggested to his colleagues that they were not very good right now.

“We’re not even close to that team, to be honest – obviously the past winners – and all the other elite teams are out. I mean, you can tell the difference between these last two matches. We are not just good – chemistry, talent, just everything. And it was clear that these are the last two games. “

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Harden left very little valuables to play with his teammates last night. The way he went up in the air stating that his fellow players would not bite him, he must have provoked strong emotions. The Boogie cousins ​​certainly felt slighted by the whole affair, and they told people about it.

DeMarcus Cousins ​​inspires James Harden to be unprofessional

The newly signed rocket man made the following statement:

“Obviously, it is outrageous, but everyone has a right to their opinion. We get some kind of feeling about some of his works. My interest is to play with John Wall, in all honesty, Cousins ​​said. Harden disrespect began earlier. This is not something that, you know, started suddenly last night. “

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This is not the first time this season when the Cousins ​​have dug up Hardik. After a win in the pre-season without his franchise player, the Cousins ​​had: “I hope to see someone.”

As someone who signs up to keep trying to win basketball, DeMarcus cousins ​​are definitely here. But the nature of the world is such that you can hate cruel cruelty.

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