“Steph Curry has made it 10 times out of 9”: LeBron James honors the Warriors star after making a look-away 3-pointer staring down the Lakers bench. sport

LeBron James scored 26 points as the Lakers trailed the Rockets 117–100. It included a look-away 3-pointer from the corner.

LeBron James put his superb form forward, as he scored 26 points and caught 8 boards on the Rockets tonight. On his way to lead the Lakers to a win, LeBron James looked innovative.

Tonight, he took a page from Curry’s playbook. On one right, the king took three from the corner as he moved from there. As he let it fly, he turned to his bench and started staring at them. Classic Curry Trick.

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The Lakers won the competition while 6 players scored in double digits.

LeBron James honors Stephen Curry and his no-look threes

If someone is watching Stephen Curry and his plays, the only thing he wants is respect. ‘Honor the shooter’ has always been the main motto. However, getting respect for LeBron James has never been an issue.

Lebron always treats his opponents and rivals extremely respectfully, whatever they may be. After all those finals battling against each other, LeBron has more respect for Curry.

After the game, when LeBron spoke to the media, he explicitly asked him about the shot and made a connection to Steph. There Lebron praised Steph and said that Steph is the shooter, the same shot would go 10 times out of nine for him.

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James certainly must have felt himself that the Lakers moved to a -750 record after 12 games with a -3.7 record. Everyone expected them to dominate the league this time, and they are performing as expected. It is difficult for any team to beat them 4 times out of 7 in the playoffs.

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