“Steven Adams will play badly with Zion Williamson.” sport

NBA analysts say the New Orleans Pelicans made a big mistake by trading for Steven Adams to pair with Joanne Williamson.

The Junior Holiday for the Milwaukee trade was a 4-team affair with New Orleans, Milwaukee, OKC and Denver.

As part of the move, Steven Adams was sent to the New Orleans Pelicans. Adams was drafted by the Thunder and played for him for the entirety of his 7-year career so far.

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The Pelicans have 2 of the best athletic and strong frontcourt players in the NBA, with Sion Williamson and Adams 4 and 5. Josh Hart took to Twitter to express his excitement for the pair for this exact reason.

However, longtime NBA analysts John Hallinger and Nate Duncan do not see the logic in the Steven Adams takeover.

Hollinger and Duncan kill the Pelicans to sign Adels for an extension

John Hallinger and Nate Duncan eventually landed on the New Orleans Pelicans, discussing the latest offseason trades and signs.

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He praised the Junior Holiday Trade because of the picket’s boat load. However, when the takeover of Adams was discussed, both Duncan and Hallinger disagreed with Pels’ move.

“I felt that Adams’ trade was absolutely Asin,” Duncan said. John supported her and said, “I completely agree.” Why are you giving first and 2 seconds to any 5 in the league? You have no shooting and you are playing Adams next to Zion? “

Could Steven Adams be a good running mate for Zion?

Zion was one of the most skilled drivers in the rim across the NBA during his limited playing time. Whoever will put Zion in front of him, despite Zion. But he needs shooters around him to complete and perfect his drive-and-dish game. His playmaking shows a ton of potential that can be used in a point forward role.

Lane will be closed by having Adams in court with him. The Pelicans signed him to a 2-year / $ 35 million deal; A deal that is usually awarded to a quality starter in a top seeded team.

Perhaps Van Gandy will get him off the bench and save Adams and Zion from playing together as best he can.

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