Sudeep Kishan showcases his hockey skills – TheMiracleTech

November 17, 2020

Actor-producer Sudeep Kishan will next be seen in a sports drama called A1 Express. Directed by Dennis Jeevan Kanukolanu and produced by People Media Factory in collaboration with Venkatadri Talkies, the makers have wrapped up the climax scenes at the Mohali Maidan, the No.1 Stadium in Punjab, India.

Sudeep Kishan was ready long before he started the project, as he did not want his shots to be wrong. Showcasing his hockey skills, the young hero posted a video where he can be seen playing one of the toughest shots in the game. In fact, hockey is not an easy sport.

A1 Express stars Lavanya Tripathi with Sunderdeep Kishan. The film features music by Hiphop Tammies.

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