Suga, how did Min Min Yongi become the most popular rapper in BTS?

Min Yongi, popular for the boy band BTS by his band name Suta, is a South Korean singer, rapper, songwriter, and recorder. Suga is primarily known as Auguste D-, and the lyricist is assigned the material that is assigned to him, where more than 70 registered songs are known to Suga as lyricist and record producer.

In 2017 and 2019, Suga received the Mellon Music Award as a hot trend in the K-pop world, Suga is primarily projected as a rapper in the BTS with an average of 8.8 syllables, when the top ranks 11.2 from each other.

He is one of the recipients of the Hwagwan Order of Cultural Merit from the President in 2018 for his contributions towards Korean culture and art. Suga is known for his solo performances in K-Pop where he produces the maximum number of solo tracks in BTS as well.

Facts about Suga BTS:

  • Known as: BTS rapper and also a song recorder
  • Date of Birth: 9 March 1993
  • Nationality: Korean
  • Song Debut: No More Dream
  • Net worth: $ 20 million

Min Yongi’s early life and adulthood:

Min Yongi was born on 9 March 1993 in Daegu, South Korea and is the youngest child in the family. Suga attended Diageon Elementary School, Guenium Middle School and Apagujeong High School throughout her school life. Suga was inspired by Epic High after listening to his rap and deciding to become a rapper. Becoming a rapper is not a common ambition for everyone, initially Suga’s parents do not support her career options, but later she is proud of what he is achieving.

At a very young age, Min Yongyi wrote musical songs and learned the digital interface of musical instruments, and at the age of 17, he took a part-time job as a song recorder in a recording studio. Prior to joining BTS Boys, Sugga has been described as an ‘underground rapper’ by composing, wrapping and performing.

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How did Sugga start her career from the root?

At the age of 13, Min Yongyi clarified his ambition and started working on it while working as a recorder and learned to rap. BTS was formed in 2013, where Min Yongi made his debut as a BTS member for the album 2 Cool 4 School, where he works as a songwriter and composer for BTS, but later rapped to the song started doing. Suga released his mini-recording as a two-part ‘The Most Beautiful Moment in Life’ which describes Suga’s teenage years which later served as BTS’s introduction album in 2015. For a while, Suga suffered from depression and social phobia when she released a free self-titled. In Mixtape 2016 where he wrote his struggles to that record. In the BTS gang, Min Yongyi is a mature and worried man.

In 2020, Min Yongi teamed up with IU [ Lee Ji Eun] For ‘Aite’, which ranked number one on the Billboard Tech Digital Songs chart, and her most famous single track – Duchevita, has been on the US Billboard Hot 100 at 76 and became the first Korean solo song to reach the top 10 in the UK.

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