Sugandha Mishra created her first kitchen after marriage, seen in Maharashtrian avatar


Famous comedians Sugandha Mishra and Sanket Bhosale are tied in a knot. She has been sharing many photos and videos of her wedding ceremonies on social media day in and day out for fans. Sugandha recently shared some special pictures from her bridal look. Now Sugandha is preparing to become a Maharashtrian after her in-laws. He is busy learning new customs. After the wedding, Sugandh was worshiped at her in-laws whose pictures she shared on social media. The newly married couple are seen in these pictures in a Maharashtrian avatar.

Sugandha has shared many photos in her new avatar. She is wearing a nath and a gajra with a traditional nauvari saree. Sanket is wearing a kurta and pajamas. Sugandha shared the pictures and wrote- Thank you for so much love. The photographs also feature photographs of Sugandha’s first kitchen. He has also made something special in the kitchen.

Sugandha said that she is trying to understand Maharashtrian things and is very excited for a biko. Sugandha said that she made Punjabi sweets registries for her in-laws in her first kitchen. Sugandha said- It is a traditional Punjabi dessert that is made due to worship. It is offered as a Prasad. It was well liked by all.

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