Sujith Wilson Dies In Borewell After Struggling For 80 Hours

After being stuck for 80 hours, A two-year-old boy who fell into a borewell in Tiruchirappalli district died October 29.

A rescue operation for Sujith Wilson was called off after his body was discovered within the borewell. On Tuesday, the boy’s death was affirmed by a stench smell reeked in the borewell. After being without food and water for four 15, the boy died. The boy’s dismembered body was recovered and has been sent for the postmortem.

Principal Secretary at the Transport Department and the Relief Commissioner, J Radhakrishnan told reporters that the boy’s body is in a state that was decomposed. “We tried our best to rescue him, but unfortunately foul smell has started coming out of the borewell”, he added.

Did He Fall?
The toddler was playing near the borewell when he fell into the borewell evening on Friday. The rescue operation began after the incident was reported. The process was slow because of terrain and complex procedures. The rescuers also had to keep the flow of oxygen to breathe.

The authorities had earlier said that the boy was stuck around 26 feet. However, the effort to pull at the boy with the rope further caused his fall to a depth of 88 feet. Lots of individuals have blamed this”trial and error” attempt by the state government for the death of the boy. Some people said that the National Disaster Rescue Force was roped in nine hours after the rescue operation had already started. The borewell is said to be anywhere between 600 to at least 1,000 feet down according to officials.

IT Dept Asks Solution
Santosh Babu, secretary, IT department and CMD at Tamil Nadu Handicrafts Development Corporation regretted the boy’s death and made a proposition to have a Hackathon or a solution to rescue someone. He said the IT Department will reward Rs 5 lakh for anyone who brings a prototype for preventing children from borewells and tunnels.

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