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There have been varying responses from world leaders regarding the outcome of the US presidential election.

While China and many other countries including Russia, China, Brazil and Mexico still have not congratulated Joe Biden (Many analysts believe that authoritarian leaders of these countries will try to present the current deadlock as a failure of American democracy). Biden has been congratulated by leaders of Middle Eastern countries including Israel, Turkey and Saudi Arabia. Prime Minister of Israel, Benjamin Netanyahu With whom shared a strong rapport Donald Trump, Congratulations to both Biden and Kamala Harris via Twitter, And noted a 40-year relationship between Biden and Netanyahu, while the US president was chosen as a friend of Israel.

Many analysts believe that authoritarian leaders will try to present the current deadlock as a failure of American democracy.

Crown prince of saudi arabia Mohammad bin salman And the president of turkey Resp Taydy Erdoोगan Both of which were very well together Donald Trump took time to congratulate Biden (The presidential election has also used harsh words for Saudi Arabia, terming it as a rogue state and has Erdogan dubbed as ‘AutoCat’).

While the President of Iran, Hasan Ruhani And Foreign Minister, Javad zarif Were Guard in their response, Iranian Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei said: “The situation in America and what they themselves say about their elections is a farce!” He further stated that the current situation in the US clearly reiterates the ‘ugly face’ of liberal democracy in the US. He also said that despite the consequences, the political, civil and moral collapse of American rule is clearly evident.

Reasons in Biden wishing for Beijing’s delay

According to many observers, Beijing’s reason for the delay of Biden’s mandate is twofold. First, despite Trump’s strictures on China, he gave him his simplified outlook and prioritized the fact that relations with many US allies were tense during his tenure (on the other hand Biden was likely to follow a more granular approach is). Secondly, the Chinese are happy with the post-election confusion, because it gives them a chance to criticize the functioning of American democracy.

Western liberal democracies react

If one looked at traditional American allies like Britain, Canada Germany and France; The leaders of these countries were quick to congratulate Biden. Boris Johnson, The UK PM in a tweet, said the US was an important ally of the UK. While Johnson had good relations with Trump, there were differences of opinion about dealings with Iran (the UK was part of a special purpose vehicle with Germany and France to circumvent sanctions). While posting the epidemic, Johnson also adopted a difficult posture for China, with voices within his government that were not comfortable with the US deciding which policy to follow. Johnson with his other colleagues Reiterated the importance of US-UK relations And also said that he looks forward to collaborating with the new administration in areas such as climate change and trade. There are concerns regarding the US-UK trade agreement, as Biden has stated explicitly, that he will not allow Brexit to affect the Northern Ireland peace deal.

Justin trudo, The Prime Minister of neighboring Canada, who did not share a particularly comfortable relationship with Trump Congratulations to Biden and Harris via tweet, And termed the Canada-US relationship as unique. Trudeau also called Biden and discussed important challenges such as the economic challenges posed by the epidemic, Climate change, G7 and NATO.

Another leader who did not share a particularly cordial relationship with Trump was the German Chancellor. Angela Merkel. They differed on many issues NATO, Trump’s handling of Iran and trade. In the television address, Merkel commented on US election results: ‘Joe Biden brings with him decades of experience in domestic and foreign policy. He knows Germany and Europe well, ‘French President, Emmanuel Macron Also included are world leaders who have spoken to Biden, and like Trudeau, he has discussed the possibility of greater cooperation between Washington and Paris, on issues such as Climate change, health and other global challenges.

Asian leader

Both South Korean leaders (South Korean President Moon Jae-in) and Japanese Prime Minister Yoshihide Suga Congratulated biden. The Japanese PM spoke to Biden. During their conversation, Bid said in his conversation with Suga, Article 5 of the 1960 Japan-US Security Treaty, The East China Sea consists of the Senkaku Islands. It received strong reactions from China. According to Article 5, Washington will respond to armed attacks on areas under Japan’s administration. An estimated 55,000 US troops are stationed in Japan to respond to emergencies. It is also likely that Biden will involve Japan and South Korea in efforts towards ‘de-nucleation’ in North Korea, much to the comfort of both Tokyo and Seoul.

Watch: Important for Japan PM Suga to build good relations with Biden

Video courtesy: CNA

Indian PM, Narendra Modi Joe got on very well with Donald Trump, and participated in two joint events with Trump (Hobby Modi, Houston, September 2019 and Namaste Trump, Ahmedabad, 2020), both congratulating Biden and Harris. While he has Chatted with biden, During his later term as Vice President, he congratulated Kamala Harris Referring to his Indian origin, and said that the vice-presidential election is a matter of pride for all Indian Americans. There was criticism from some quarters in India regarding Biden’s stance on the Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA) And other human rights issues, but what has been overlooked is their stance on issues such as immigration and trade that would benefit India. His campaign document clearly states that strengthening relations with India will be one of his major objectives.

While Trump focused on ‘America First’, Biden indicated in a media interaction, that he has been calling on world leaders that the US move away from the separatist and insular approaches of recent years. Biden said, “When I’m talking to foreign leaders, I’m telling them: America is going to come back.” We are coming back to the game. ‘

Too early to understand Biden’s exact course

In conclusion, there is a clear difference in tone and tenure of various world leaders. American presidential election result. One thing that emerges is that the leaders of many countries seem more familiar with Biden than he was given his first term as Vice President, plus a Washington DC insider besides the Senate Committee on Foreign Affairs Was the president of

WATCH: Joe Biden’s Expected Foreign Policy, Explained

Video Financial Times

In addition, leaders of many countries are comfortable with Biden’s approach on environmental and trade issues. Some totalitarian states do not seem particularly comfortable, given the fact that Biden has repeatedly focused on strengthening ties with liberal democracies, and has also clarified that US human rights violations under them No part of the world will open its eyes for With the rest of the world leaders, it is difficult to assess the potential outlook for US relations, based on the reaction of world leaders, given that other factors, particularly US interests, will determine the overall nature of Washington’s future relations. . Rest of the world. Yet the tone and tenacity of world leaders provide some insight How other countries saw America under Biden’s leadership.

Other factors, particularly American interests, will determine the overall nature of Washington’s future relationship with the rest of the world.

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