Surely or definitely: what is the correct spelling?

Most of us at some point are confused how to spell for sure. Or is it definitely? This is the most common mistake made by English speakers who often follow the pronunciation style and write the misspelling.

Which is correct: definitely or definitely?

Despite the widespread use of the term, of course, this is not correct. Correct spelling is faulty. In finite form not with ‘i’ but with an ‘i’ ‘.

There is certainly a separate entry in the Urban Dictionary, which he defines as: Idiot-Speak for ‘certainly’. It is one of the most common missiles found on the Internet ‘. One study shows that many children, who are as young as 14 years old, are not able to pronounce the original words and often have this habit around them, and so they use the wrong words as adults too Continue. They use the word alternative to replace it with “definitely”, “definitely”, or all “defensive”.

The word was coined from the Latin definiteness, the past participle of the verb ‘to definite, limit’. The term came into English vocabulary in the 16th century, meaning ‘in a certain way, precisely’.

An online survey was carried out to measure population disturbances when used in due course. This is what the survey proposes.

  • Definitely – 13.53%
  • Definitely – 7.79%
  • Defenetally – 3.68%
  • Defensive – 3.11%
  • Definitely – 2.74%
  • Defensively – 2.37%
  • Fixed – 1.58%
  • Definitely – 1.53%
  • Other – 63.67%

Is definitely the uppermost wrong word in the English language. So from this point make sure to use the correct one if you are spelling it incorrectly so far.

Here are the top 10 misspelled words (misspelled in parentheses).

  • Definitely (definitely)
  • Holy
  • Indite
  • Maneouvre
  • Bureaucracy
  • Broccoli (Broccoli)
  • Phleghm
  • Partiality
  • Consent (Boarding)
  • Unnecessary (required)

Therefore, if you are not sure about spelling, it is better that you check the Internet or a dictionary before you make mistakes of typing a common word incorrectly. You will be surprised to know that you have been mis-spelling it since childhood and it will be nothing like a big revelation for you.

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