Sushant Case: Narcotics Bureau’s surgical strike, phone including laptop seized at Riya’s brother Shovik Chakraborty’s house with Samuel Miranda

Three agencies are now working together in the Sushant Singh Rajput case, where another CBI is engaged in linking one episode of the case, while the same is engaged in investigating the case from Narcotics Bureau Drugs Angle. The same big update has come out that on Friday, Narcotics Bureau (NCB) raided the house of Sushant’s manager Samuel Miranda and Riya Chakraborty.

Tell that both Samuel Miranda and Riya’s brother Shovik Chakraborty are the main suspects in the case, according to information from sources, Shovik used to do drugs business and his WhatsApp chat was also revealed where he was talking about drugs. In the chat and chat, my sister Riya, father Indrajit was telling the cyclone that okay okay I will make it available.

NCB first raided the house of Sushant Singh Rajput manager Samuel Miranda and after that Riya’s house was searched at his house for a long time, he could not find any intoxicants in the investigation, but he did not get Riya’s old Seized the phone and Shovik’s laptop, he also took Shovik to the Narcotics office for questioning with him.

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The same news is also coming that Samuel Miranda and Shovik will be interrogated in front of Vilatra and Abdul Basit who sell drugs. If neither of them cooperate in the inquiry, then both will be paid in the court where there may be a demand for third degree.

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