Taish Zee5 Web Series Full HD Episode Download in 720p

Are you watching Taish Web Series Download And you want to see it Free full hd, Then tell me that in this post you will only get information related to this series.

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Many people will question Taish Is one Movies But it is a Thriller web series.

What does taish mean?

Taish means gambling and also a type of intoxication.

Zee5: Taish Web Series Download (2020)

The director Bijo Nambiar
Lead role artist Jim Sarbh, Harshvardhan Rane, Pulkit Samrat
Streaming date 29, October 2020
category Thriller
Language: Hindi Hindi
Country India

Taish Movie & Series Downloaded online by Google Drive, Telegram Link, Filmigod

Taish web series It is very much liked by the people and it is being searched in huge quantity on the internet. Taish movie download.

You can know how popular this series is and you can watch it for free on Zee 5.

Release date

The Taish web series will be shown on Zee 5 29 October 2020 And will be released in Hindi language in India.


  • Kriti Kharbanda – Arfa
  • Pulkit Samrat – Sunny
  • Jim Sarbh – Rohan Kalra
  • Harshvardhan Rane – Pali
  • Sanjeeda Sheikh – Where
  • Ankur Rathe – Krish Kalra
  • Abhimanyu Singh – Kuljinder
  • Saurabh Sachdeva – Not Known
  • Colin Murtag – Police Officer
  • Zoa Morani – Mahi
  • Vinita Sharma – Family Member
  • Bikramjeet Guram – Family Member
  • Armaan Khera – Jassi
  • Saloni Batra – Sambar
  • Ramadan Mia – Gajendra


Like every time, we will get to see love, deception, hate, romance and power in the Tash web series. Also, the series is very good and a full thriller has been put into it.

What will we see in the Taish web series?

  • Romance
  • crime
  • Thriller
  • The dilemma
  • betrayal
  • Power
  • Gambling
  • Revenge
  • intoxication
  • The love

Have a web series or movie?

If Taish is a movie or web series, then tell you that it has not been revealed yet. The makers have not called it official whether it is a series or a film.

Download Taish Full HD Web Series 720p, 480p

Harshavardhan Rane Best Dialogues In Taish Web Series

People are very fond of Harshvardhan Rane and his dialogues, everyone is praising him through social media.

  • This is the melody that keeps on beating the hearts
  • Not the passion to live, but the passion for vengeance that is alive
  • Blood in the veins freezes awhile.
  • It is the warmth of anger that provokes anger
  • We have given them too much respect, time to cut it down to size

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  • Bruce Lee: The Fighter Belly

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  • Fuckrey
  • Hey your
  • Dolly key
  • Bitto boss

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