Tamil Comedy Web Series, Geeta Subramaniam 2020 Available to watch online or download?

Geeta subramanyam Comedy is a new era of romance-style web series that explores the story of Geeta and Subramanian, in a live-in relationship. Their constant cutes fights make for an engaging and engaging watch that is fun. The story of the web series realizes that they are made for each other. The series is available to watch online or download for free.

The original idea of ​​Geeta Subramaniam was born to discover the relationship of a couple living in a live-in city. Live-in relationships are already explored in Indian cinema such as Wake Up Sid (2009), Pyar Ka Panchnama (2011), Shuddh Desi Romance (2013), and many other films. Shiva Sai says that the live-in landscape is no longer taboo, but it still looks curious and is a difficult path to walk in a city like Hyderabad.

Director Shiva Sai says: “I wanted to show the bond and conflict points between a live-in couple. The dynamics in married couples change to a great extent; Responsibility has been given. The couple has more freedom, not less to do with expectations. ”

What’s in season 1?

Season 1 has eight episodes, four of which have recently been added. Siva Sai tells the series that they complete most of the work but there was some patchwork left for Episode 7, which gets delayed due to the COVID-19 lockdown.

The series does not negotiate the hard corners of a live-in relationship and has a good-for-nothing approach. Shiva Sai says that he was exclusively for creating a happy series for the audience.

Who is in the cast?

The director of the series is Shiva Sai. Karthik, Nakshatra, Sunny Viva, Deke Sunny are in the main cast of the series.

How many episodes in the series?

Geeta Subramaniam season 1 has 8 episodes. Here is a list of episodes with some story about it.

  1. Meet new couple

After a nightmare of getting married at gunpoint and getting into trouble with an old friend, Geeta and Subbu begin attending Mr. Rao’s wedding. And guess who’s in trouble?

2. Checklist

Geeta and Subbu plan the wedding of Mr. Rao according to a checklist with whom they should marry in the future.

3. Nuvvakkhada Nenikkada

Nuvvakkhada Nenikkada means “you are here”.

4. Complete the pre-attempt once its fun

What happens when you found your ex boyfriend and your current lover in one place.

5. Geeta Subo Oo Bamma

Bamma (Nana, Nani) has come to live with her grand daughter Geeta and the scenario will change.

6. Sports

7. Miss you

8. Count Down

How to view Free or Geeta Subramaniam?

To watch, Geeta Subramaniam wants to download for free online or aha.com On your browser. On Aha.com you can find many movies and web series in many languages ​​for free.

Watch Geeta Subramaniam for Tamil series Click here

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