Tanseer Tanpura Season 2 Review | Tansner Tanpura Season 2 Web Series Review

Binged rating5.25/ 10

Ground level: Unique musical thriller lovers with routine path

Rating: 5.25 / 10

Skin n swear: No one

Forum: Hoichoi Style: drama

who is the story about?

As the title suggests, it concludes the story of Part-2 aka Tanseer Tanpura. Did Alap and Shruti end the mystery of the royal musical instrument? Who are the people who attack Alap and what mysteries does he unearth what the series is about?


Tansner Tanpura Season 2 Review Tanser Tanpura Season 2 Web Series ReviewThe series appears to have been shot entirely, one at a time and then released in two parts. Therefore, the performances of the various artists have not changed much or there is no new face.

Vikram Chatterjee is enough to carry the narrative forward. His constantly irritated expression helps maintain the plot of the core plot. Finally, Vikram gets some emotional moments. He is fine with them.


Soumik Chattopadhyay directed Tanseer Tanpura. He maintains a uniform pace from beginning to end. As the film moves on to the suspense element and its revelations, a lot is happening. It is here that issues crop up.

If anyone has seen the first part (or the first season), everything that happens is a direct continuation. It is basically a single narrative divided into two parts. Therefore, it is necessary to watch the end and the beginning to know about the various characters.

Tansner Tanpura Season 2 Review Tanser Tanpura Season 2 Web Series ReviewAs stated in the first part, the exciting part of the series is the musical thriller format. It feels unique because there is a steady flow of ‘musical’ knowledge in the narrative. The second part, however, is found in the story, and we finally get answers to various questions in our minds.

Initially the narrative continues, but this later leads to a clearer view of the story. What we eventually get is a routine core plot. However, the way it is blended into the story and presented as an adventure-less thriller is good. It gives us a unique feeling.

However, action takes place in a worldly way, which is the discussion. And when it comes to the second part, when and when the conclusion comes, we get a feeling of dissatisfaction. The revelations do not match the large build-up created by the director.

The main plot involving Rohini is well done, however. The actress playing the role also makes an attractive watch despite a predictable twist.

Tansner Tanpura Season 2 Review Tanser Tanpura Season 2 Web Series ReviewThe end is fine. Yes, this brings various threads to a logical end, but the effect is missing. One hopes for something more, and the show feels the same after its completion.

Overall, Tansner Tanpura Part-2 is similar to ‘Part-1′, but with a resolution. The secret is revealed, and it is weak. Still, the series’ uniqueness concerning Indian classical music makes it an oakest watch, if anyone is interested.

Other artists?

Most of the actors are repeated from the first part. He gets an extension for his roles. For example, Rupa Chatterjee seems so lacking compared to what she had seen before. Jayati Bhati is also facing a similar problem. What shines through in the second season is the female cast starring Raunak Bai. They are excellent. All of her scenes provide a solid emotional anchor for the series, towards the end.

Music and other departments?

Tansner Tanpura Season 2 Review Tanser Tanpura Season 2 Web Series ReviewThere are more classical numbers, and Joey Sarkar and the set of singers have again done a terrific job with it. They are cute and one of the major reasons for the show to continue. It is rare to see music like this in commercial plots. Cinematography is a mixed bag. Parts of the series are fine, but overall a low-graded feeling prevails. Editing could have been better. The writing is decent.


Musical thriller complex

Suspense tied to music

Core track included in Rohini


Mudit Katha


Some revelations

Did i enjoy it

Yes in parts

Would you recommend it?

Yes but with huge reservation

Review of Tansner Tanpura Season 2 by Binged Bureau

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