Tarak a brief holiday for the family – TheMiracleTech

The very talented Junior NTR took a break from shooting RRR and is on a short family vacation. Tarak is going to Dubai for a brief holiday with his family.

Tarak was shooting his part in RRR and combining scenes with Charan for the past few weeks. Now he has taken a break and will resume his work after returning on 22 November. Well, NTR will not even give a glimpse of his holiday.

Unlike his friends in the film industry, either Mahesh Babu or Ram Charan, NTR stays away from the glare of media hype and away from paparazzi. Although Mahesh and Charan made their home or house situation known with a few photographs, NTR is completely against it.

So, it is a full family time for Tarak in Dubai. Not only NTR, but many film personalities left for Dubai on holiday. Mahesh Babu and family returned from Dubai yesterday after a holiday.

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