TCL played a leading role in the global TV industry by unveiling 2021 Mini LED, QLED and 4K HDR TVs at CES 2021 – Tech

Hogcog, Jan 11, 2021 / PRNewswire / – TCL Electronics (1070.HK), one of the major players in the global TV industry and a major consumer electronics company, showcased its latest mini LED, QLED and 4K HDR TV at CES 2021 under its forward-looking AI x IoT strategy.

journey https://www.tcl.com/ces2021.html To learn more about TCL on CES2021.
Press kit: http://bit.ly/3nU8k4a

TCL is boldly leading the global display technology at CES 2021. This year, it is offering three excellent mini LEDs, QLED and more. 4K HDR TVs that go beyond powerful picture display and offer a wide range of lifestyle features for new generations.

C825 – Premium 4K Mini led display

TCL latest 4K The Mini LED TV C825 elevates our TV viewing and video gaming standards to the next level. The C825 is a significant addition to TCL’s continued commitment to mini LED display technology.

The C825 takes the direct backlight mode to 100 ~ 200 microns by reducing the grain size of traditional LEDs. Thousands of light control units are used to increase the number of backlight sources. Combined with the full array, ultra-high target regional brightness adjustments are realized to bring a better visual experience.

Featuring quantum dot display technology, the C825 combines light and color, higher gamut and more precise lighting control to achieve the ultimate picture quality effect.

The C825 also features Dolby Vision HDR imaging technology that delivers ultra-vivid images that bring entertainment to life, and Dolby Vision IQ, which leverages the C825’s full intelligence to dynamically move every moment in your room Provides by adjusting the changing light. Types of rooms and content played back while maximizing the full capabilities of TV.

With Imax enhancements with supreme audio-visual quality, the C825 will provide consumers with unparalleled enjoyment at home.

To make moving images smoother and video gaming more attractive, the C825 uses a 120Hz MEMC and a 120Hz low reverse display.

In addition, the 4-way HDMI 2.1 port, VRR, ALM, EARC, WiFi 6 and low input lag give gaming fans faster, smoother graphics and better sound effects. A magnetic split-type camera 4M Pixel provides great visual and audio interactions for better video call experiences.

C725 – Superior QLED 4K Recreation center

Upgrading quantum dot display technology to a new level, TCL C725 QLED 4K TV provides excellent value for those who want high-quality, interactive home entertainment as part of a connected and smart lifestyle.

With almost 100% ultra-high color gamut (DCI-P3), the quantum dot display technology in the C725 is even more vibrant and varied without the limitations of lower color volume or shorter life span found in other color technologies. Will provide.

Dolby Vision together with Ultra-Vivid Picture and Dolki Atmos Oversio offer an audiovisual treat. The C725’s AEPQ engine switches on the full potential of TCL’s big-screen TVs with real-time customization for different entertainment or different genres.

Users can enjoy hands-free voice control 2.0, Google Duo and unlimited content from Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Google Play and Movie, Disney + and more, enjoy an intelligent life.

In addition, the C725 supports both MEMC and HDMI 2.1 to deliver images that are always smooth, even in fast-moving action sequences.

P725 -the favorite 4K Hdr TV With dolby experience

TCL P725 is a 4K HDR TVs feature Dolby Vision and Dolby Atmos, which offer stunning, high-quality, detailed experiences, especially dynamic motion imagery and immersive audio.

Dolby Vision is an advanced imaging technology that combines high dynamic range (HDR) with wide color gamut capabilities to deliver ultra-vivid picture quality with incredible brightness, contrast, color, and detail.

Silky-smooth MEMC motion picture processing ensures crisp, no-blurring and stable imagery performance in fast-paced, action-packed scenes.

The P725 also supports Dolby Atmos, immersing you in your favorite entertainment with sounds that surround you with breath-taking realism, providing incredible clarity and detail that allows you to hear the details You have never heard before.

The P725’s TCL hands-free voice control 2.0 frees you from remote control. Switch channels, set reminders, and locate streaming services via simple voice commands. The P725 also provides enhanced entertainment experience with the latest in Android TV OS. This millimeter-thin metal trim design gives a wider and wider meaning for entertainment.

* Product presence, functionality and achievements may vary between countries / regions.

About TCL Electronics

TCL Electronics (1070.HK) is a rapidly growing consumer electronics company and a leading player in the global TV industry. Established in 1981, it now operates in more than 160 markets globally. According to OMDIA, TCL ranked the global No.2 in the TCL brand TV market in Q2 2020. TCL specializes in the research, development and manufacturing of consumer electronics products ranging from TVs, audio and smart home appliances.

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