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Shanghai, November 17, 2020 / PRNewswire / – TE Connectivity (2020), a world leader in TE connectivity (innovative connectivity and solutions for high-speed computing and networking applications), the 2020 ASPENCORE Tech Electronics Achievement for its thermal bridge input / output (I / O) connectors. Has won the award. The products were recognized in the “Year of High Performance Passive / Discrete Devices” category based on their high thermal performance and flexibility, technological innovations, and notable contributions to the electronics industry.

“We are delighted that TE Thermal Bridge I / O connectors have been recognized by ASPENCORE for receiving this award from a highly competitive range of entries. This innovative product was developed by heat engineers to optimize heat dissipation and continuous system performance as power requirements continue to increase, ”said Erin Burn, Data and equipment business unit CTO in TE and connectivity. “We aim to design outstanding products to help our customers meet the continuing challenges in designing their next generation computing and networking systems.”

As systems, including servers, switches, and routers, have become more sophisticated and provide higher speeds, their power requirements have also increased, necessitating new solutions that can handle more heat. The thermal bridge technique of TE connectivity was developed to help solve this problem, especially in fixed cooling applications with restricted airflow, liquid cooling, or cold plates.

With integrated mechanical springs, innovative solutions can deliver up to 2x better thermal resistance on most conventional thermal technologies such as gap pads or thermal pads. Optimized for I / O applications using liquid cooled or cold plates with heat pipes, direct chassis conduction applications with Gait heatsink or straight chassis, TE’s thermal bridge solution for substantial improvement in bridge construction for thermal transfer There is a near-zero plate trench feature and minimal level of compression. In addition, the new solution delivers long-lasting and consistent thermal performance with an elastic compression design that can be resistant to set or relaxation over time. This feature can also help reduce component replacement during system servicing.

In addition to the 2020 ASPENCORE Award, TE’s Thermal Bridge recently earned a Bronze Award in the Connectivity category of WTWH Media’s 2020 Leadership in Engineering Achievement Program (LEAP) Awards.

To learn more about TE’s thermal bridge I / O connectors, please click here.

Information about electronics worldwide
Organized by ASPENCORE, the Tech Electronics Achievement Awards (WEAA), the world’s largest electronics industry media group, recognizes and honors companies and individuals who have made outstanding contributions to innovation and the worldwide development of the electronics industry. Winners are selected by a judge panel consisting of analysts and editors from ASPENCORE. Asia, America and Europe, As well as through online voting by engineers from three continents.

About WWWHA Leap Awards
The LEAP Awards celebrate the most innovative and pioneering products serving the design engineering space, showcasing global electronic engineering achievements in 12 categories. This year’s winners were selected by an independent judge panel of 14 engineering and academic professionals, and entries were submitted from around the world. WTWH publications participating in the program included Design Tech, Fluid Power Tech, Fastener Engineering and EE Tech.

About the TE relationship
TE Connectivity (TE) is headquartered in SwitzerlandIs one $ 12 billion The global industrial technology company creates a safe, sustainable, productive and connected future. Our broad range of connectivity and sensor solutions, proven in harsh environments, enables advances in transportation, industrial applications, medical technology, energy, data communications and home. Working with customers in approximately 140 countries, with approximately 30,000 employees, including approximately 30,000 engineers, TE ensures that employees from every connection. Learn more www.te.com.cn And on WeChat.

TE Connectivity, TE Connectivity (logo), TE, and every connection are trademarks owned or licensed by TE Connectivity Limited family of department companies. Other logos, product (s) and / or company names may be trademarks of their respective owners.


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