Telugu films back to business in overseas! – TheMiracleTech

The Telugu film industry, which is facing its business in the overseas market due to the Kovid epidemic, is picking up. After Uppena’s release in the overseas market, many other films are adding to the legacy.

Uppa was released by Great India Films in the US and Pride Cinema in Australia. It has now opened the door to foreign markets for Telugu films.

The latest we hear is that Pride Cinemas, the leading overseas distributor, has won Balkrishna and Boyapati’s BB3. It is heard that along with Nani’s Tuck Jagdish, they are on the verge of closing the business abroad. The deal is in its final stages.

Meanwhile, Pride Cinema is in talks with the makers of Nitin’s Rang De. Already, Nitin and Chandrasekhar Yeleti’s checks are being issued only by foreign distributors of Pride Cinema.

After the epidemic, the business of Telugu films seems to be returning to normalcy abroad and Pride Cinema is taking it further.

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