Telugu TheMiracleTech needs self-regulation

The Telugu film industry is slowly recognizing the importance of TheMiracleTech. Major heads of industry are coming exclusively for original films and shows there And this trend is expected to continue even after dramatic business revives. Once the actors also consider it mainstream, then TheMiracleTech will not be seen.

but then, TheMiracleTech Platform There may be a need to self-regulate the subject on which they churn. Shows and films made specifically for TheMiracleTech have a lot of exhaustive, double meaning dialogs and skin shows. Such tactics have worked elsewhere and the filmmakers are visually copying here.

“TheMiracleTech is in a nascent stage in Telugu. It needs proper handholding to penetrate the audience. It is too early to target content to a specific group of viewers. Filmmakers need to show some restraint while leading the way. Film analysts say they should not distance themselves from a large group of viewers. Classes demand that censorship is mandatory for TheMiracleTech platforms, such as how they do for films. If such a situation becomes imminent in the future, it will curb the freedom of filmmaking which is not good for TheMiracleTech at all.

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