Teri Meri Ikk Jindri 5th May 2021 Written Update: Mahi’s father thinks of mortgaging his house to clear the debt

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Episode starts with Jogi imagining Biji as Mahi. Biji gets annoyed. Jogi says you ruined my romance. Biji says for that you need to wake up early. Biji gets worried how Mahi and Rupa must be dealing with each other’s attitude. Things can go wrong as they don’t like each other at all. Jogi says he will make everything right. Biji says its not that easy.

Jeweler comes to take money from Dharampal and Seema. He says Rai gave him their name saying Dharampal will pay the dues. Jeweler shows Mahi’s bridal look’s photo saying she is wearing all the jewels. He will come after seven days to take the money. Dharampal is about to reveal that the jewels got stolen but Seema stops him. Jeweler warns him saying he will file complaint against Dharampal if he doesn’t get the money. Jogi gets Pankaj’s call who tells him about a dance competition there Jogi can get 5 lakh as prize money if he wins. Pankaj says last time Pappu won the competition with Shalu. Jogi says he is ready to win the competition. But he thinks how will he convince Mahi for this competition.

Pappu shows fake concern to Seema saying he knew Rai would take revenge like this. Pappu says I am feeling sorry for you but I have nothing to do Rai has shut all my factories and I can’t even sell my house as Chanda has equal share in it. She won’t agree. Dharampal says to Pappu about mortgaging his house. He says I have to give you 50 lakh as well. I can get 60 lakh all together. Pappu starts his drama saying he is feeling bad that he can’t even help his in laws.

Mahi is about to hit Seema with her bike but she stops. Seema taunts Mahi saying she is like her mother in law. Both love to go out and Rupa got a maid for free. Dharampal gets happy seeing Mahi and thanks Rupa for accepting Mahi. Rupa is about to take Mahi’s side but then she stops herself. Rupa checks the account book and praises Mahi for her sharp brain. She says wish Jogi was also intelligent like you. Mahi says if I had my Mig 21 I would have helped you even more. Rupa says where is your car. Mahi says she sold it to pay her father’s dues.

Shalu tells her househelps to make diet food only. Shalu then starts dancing on Chikni Chameli song. Chanda joins her. They dance together. Chanda asks why Shalu is dancing suddenly? Shalu tells her about the dance competition. She hopes she will win this time as well. Chanda says but after she gets married to Arjun she will be the winner. Shalu asks her Mahi left Arjun and you still want to marry him? Chanda says it’s my wish. Shalu gets irritated.

Jogi welcomes Rupa and Mahi with juice glasses. Rupa says you didn’t welcome me like this before? Jogi says you know I respect you. Jogi says he has a big news to tell. He is about to fall but Mahi saves him. They share a romantic moment together. Rupa gets annoyed and leaves. Mahi helps Jogi and makes him sit on wheelchair. Jogi forgets about the news. Mahi reminds him of that. Jogi tells about the dance competition. Mahi refuses to take part saying she has no time for all these nonsense things. Jogi tells her about the prize money saying her many problems can get solved if she gets the money. Mahi gets surprised.

The Episode ends

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