Tervela Cloud Announces Miracle Generation of FastPath’s Cloud Migration Solution and New Branding – Tech

Cloud FastPath sheds Tervela name and releases new logo with the help of nature’s best expatriates in advance of the company’s next generation

Boston, November 18, 2020 / PRNewswire / – Cloud FastPath, a leading enterprise content migration solution, has launched both its next-generation solution and its refreshed branding. As part of this development, the brand will no longer be known by Terala as Cloud Fastpath.

“We’re proud to release both the beta version of a streamlined cloud FastPath (CFP) and rebrand the company ‘Cloud Fastath’. Tervela is the name of our company, but we’re leaving it up to legal contracts. From now on we Cloud will be known as Fastpath, ”says Gant ridman, CEO of Cloud Fastpath.

As part of this rebrand, Cloud will launch a cross-channel campaign to announce Fastpath Beta and its new status, “We Migrate With Care”.

Claude Fastpath, led by agency Future Current and production company Greece NYC, exploited some of nature’s best migrants to share the news.

“Exodus with care is more than just a tagline. It is a statement of who we are. It drives us. MJ Battson, Head of Marketing, Creative and Brand Strategy at Cloud Fastpath, says that it fuels our mission to move every enterprise in the world with their care, expertise and as little end-user impact as possible.

Beyond just rebranding, Cloud Fastpath is also rolling out a beta of its next generation solution. This product will be specific to multi-user TMT with many critical users and will allow more users to self-migrate.

“It takes a long time to get a product like this right,” says Kevin day, CTO Cloud Fastpath, Beta Launch. “Migration is more complex than it looks on the surface, filled with edge cases, challenges, and demands for end-user expectations,” he said. We have learned a huge amount about Exodus in the six years since launching Cloud Fastpath. Our goal with our next generation product was to take this complex problem and simplify it so that our users would not have to become migration experts themselves — we built that expertise into our product. “

“With more remote workers, greater content velocity demands and increased security threats, it’s essential enterprises consider a move to the cloud – or consider whether their current cloud storage and collaboration solution is adequate,” Redmon it is said. “Our next generation represents a major shift in the way companies migrate to and within the cloud – and ultimately, how our customers do business.”

Cloud Fastpath is a cloud-based software solution for managing and executing on-premises and cloud-based content migrations. We migrate the world’s content to the cloud with care.

Learn more https://www.cloudfastpath.com/ And join us on twitter (@CloudFastPath).

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