The absconding accused shot themselves, recovered two guns and five cartridges.

The absconding accused in the murder case shot himself on Tuesday afternoon. He was alone at home at the time of the incident. Police recovered two cartridges and five cartridges from the spot. The police have sent a forensic group to the spot and started investigation. On the other hand, the relatives of the deceased are terming the incident as suicide, not suicide. On the night of 2 January, Bhupendra Singh, a resident of Bam Nagar Semri, a village in Sampurnanagar space, was shot dead. In this case, a suicide case was registered on behalf of Jaswinder Singh alias Pappu (40) of Samrup village. The police was claiming that Jaswinder had left the village and fled.

Jaswinder was at home on Tuesday afternoon. he shot himself. He died on the spot. According to Jaswinder Singh’s mother, she went out. When she returned, she was found lifeless with her son’s blood. She is calling it homosexuality, not suicide. As soon as the data was obtained, from Sampurnanagar Kotwali police to Additional SP Arun Kumar Singh and CO Sanjay Nath Tiwari reached the spot under police pressure. Police has started investigating the incident. A forensic group has additionally been sent to the spot.

What was the police doing for ten days, questions are arising

Jaswinder, who was claimed by the police to have fled the village. His body was present in his house. Police is also opening up after Jaswinder’s death due to bullet injuries. After all, when Jaswinder ran away, when did he come again? If he was at the residence, why did the police not arrest him? If Jaswinder is arrested on time, he can be saved. On January 2, a small man named Bhupendra Singh was shot dead in Bamnagar Semri Road, Sampurnanagar police station space, late in the night. In the murder of the young man, the father of the deceased, while demonstrating a case, was accused by the close by resident Jaswinder Singh alias Pappu.

Since the incident, the police were searching for the accused, although his clue could not be found. Since the murder, the accused Jaswinder was in the panic of the police. Apart from this, the police also raided his house several times. Jaswinder’s husband additionally left her, which upset her. Police recovered two illegal components and housing cartridges from the spot. The police were additionally speaking about the definite persecution of the arrests of the murder accused, hence when did the accused obtain his residence within the morning and why did he commit suicide by shooting. At present, the police has started investigating the case. Police additionally referred to the Forensic Group for cooperation and collected evidence.

The event was discussed 11 days ago

On 2 January, Bhupendra Singh, son of Balveer Singh, who lives in the village Sampri, a village in Sampurnanagar space, was shot inside the film model on Beech Road for the purpose of his murder. Meanwhile, the injured made a video from his cellular following the incident in which he was capturing the killer title. Upon receiving the data, the family took him to the Community Health Center, where a group of medical doctors declared the younger man lifeless. The motive behind the murder incident was stated to be hostility after love marriage.

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