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There is no denying that ‘The Amazing Race’ is one of the most entertaining reality shows ever!

Will Jardell and James Wallington are the love-hit young duets (and winners) of ‘The Amazing Race’ season 32. After battling through all the odds to secure that incredible $ 1 million check, Will introduces James to an engagement that surprised both him and the audience! The Emmy-winning reality game show takes contestants around the world and navigates them in their own way in exotic territories. They cut clues, interact with locals, demonstrate physical challenges, and travel to the finishing line by traveling by plane, boat, and all other modes of transportation.

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  • All about ‘The Amazing Race’ season 32
  • Will Jardell reveals the reason behind his final proposal
  • When can viewers expect season 33 to be released?

Video Credit: Will and James

The finale of season 32 left three pairs of contestants; Brothers Riley and Madison McKibbin And Couple Hung Nguyen and Chen Li. With Will and James, of course! The episode marked contestants returning to the United States, as they were racing through New Orleans in an attempt to reach the Superdome. Will and James were the first to cross the finish line and were declared winners.

All about ‘The Amazing Race’ season 32

The adventure reality game show series first premiered in 2000 and was liked worldwide. ‘Wonder race’Season 32 had teams that represented qualities of leadership and unity despite being a scripted reality series. His ability to embrace any challenge that comes his way and the leg of the journey has been considered to be the reason behind the success of the show!

Remembering the journey of the amazing couple Will and James in ‘The Amazing Race’ season 32

A myriad of physical challenges awaited each team participating in the game show! The series premiered in October 2020, and the first leg was filmed on the island of Tobago and continued in many other countries such as France, Germany, Cambodia.

The season’s winners, Will and James, celebrated their engagement, becoming the fifth team in the show’s history to do so. However, they were the second winning duo to do so on the finishing mat, as Kane and Tina from season 13. Not many people know. Will Jardell was actually the runner-up in Cycle 21 of ‘America’s Miracle Top Model’!

Will Jardell reveals the reason for his final proposal

Television’s favorite new reality couple, Will and James, finished the season on a high note with $ 1 million and a surprise engagement! After the season premiere, the winners shared their win “Parade.com”, In an exclusive interview.

In the end, sharing the reason behind his decision to propose, Will Zardale shared: “We talked about getting engaged before the race started.” she added,

“So I thought going into the race, ‘This would be good’. I have two other examples where I would have proposed. This would be when we would be eliminated, or if we were in a country that we were previously Had done it. “

Video Credit: Will and James

The reality television star concluded,

“He was with the Philippines, but that leg was not great. So knowing that we were going to the finish line, I loved, ‘Whatever place I get, I am going to propose.’ This is James’s dream, and it will be a great moment to begin the next chapter of our lives.

When can viewers expect season 33 to be released?

‘The Amazing Race’ season 32 concluded in December 2020 and immediately followed. Renewed for 33rd season. Shooting of the new series had already begun, but production was halted due to restrictions imposed by the Kovid-19 epidemic.

The reality series largely relies on travel to several countries, with a clue of contestants and a trail of activities. By the time the show may be able to resume production, online sources report that the dates fluctuate depending on the shape of the curve.

Luckily CBSEven though season 33 was forced to stop shooting after a few episodes, season 32 saved the day! The series was filmed in late 2018 and was unable to air due to the unavailability of an open premiere slot. Eventually, it aired two years after it was filmed, but fans had no complaints as they had some of the best contestants to retain them!

are you looking forward? 33rd season of ‘The Amazing Race’? Tell us in the comments!

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