The challenge of snow injury to the soldiers remains intact even today, there is a problem in Siachen and East Ladakh

new Delhi. Madan Jada

Snow injuries and accidents of military personnel deployed at icy locations remain a challenge even at this time. However, the military says that they are being more managed now than before. So regardless of improving deployment at icy locations, there is little improvement in such conditions. Seals typically have accidents as a result of icy storms, slipping in ice, pores and skin rashes, resulting in snow or individual wounds. Siachen has the highest amount of such conditions. After that, even in the extreme hills of Jaap Ladakh, soldiers are working under these conditions.

According to Army Chief General Manoj Mukund Narwane, 0.15 per cent of the soldiers have suffered the ultimate snow injury. He stated that earlier this determination was 0.13%. It has improved a bit. Although the deployment of troops in icy areas has increased considerably in the final year, the situation has not increased accordingly. If seen, the exact part is reduced.

Increased resources

The resources are elevated to personnel deployed in real, icy areas, which retain heat to them and are applied at full speed in addition to what GPS-like looks apply. Along with this, coaching is also continuously increasing. Nevertheless, if 50 thousand soldiers are deployed at such an entrance, 75 of them are affected by such injury.

Ways for cells to retain heat

Recently, an order of Rs 420 crore was made by the Army for the purchase of ice-cold to DRDO. The deployment of Himtapaka, a modified type of Bukhari, has begun in icy areas. This is accomplished to maintain the chambers. This has reduced the physical issues brought on by the chili in the jawans. Similarly, DRDO has additionally developed a number of lotions and lotions that are used on pores and skin that mold seals. Seals are being provided uninterrupted.

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