The concept behind Disney + Hotstar’s ‘Mukkuti Amman’

RJ Balaji’s latest feature ‘Mukuti Amman’, Where he is portraying the lead role, speeding up screenplay and co-directing, is slowly buzzing on social media apps, mainly on Twitter and YouTube. This Diwali set-to-release feature has an interesting concept which is probably why its trailer got a lot of views.

‘Mukkuthi Amman’ is a Tamil Hindu-devotional comedy starring Nayantara, the “Lady Superstar” of Tamil Nadu. The film is said to be satirical for various types of Hindu worship and devotion as well as Hindus invoking different deities on “various strange rituals”. Nayantara The tithe will act as the character, a family goddess belonging to the family of RJ Balaji and Urvashi’s characters.

Goddess Mukkuthi arrives on earth after Amman family’s motherland (portrayed by Urvashi), to call her children to earth to take interest in times of prayer and devotion to their goddess. The goddess comes to earth and by the time she is prayed, she starts giving wishes. But she deviates from some of the family’s customs. Eventually, he finds several Gods (who are actually con-men) who extort people from their money in the name of God and devotion. So Mukuthi Amman decided to go head-to-head with these con-men to find out their true colors (as well as true inspiration).

The concept of coming to Earth and questioning various religious beliefs in India was recently seen in Aamir Khan’s hit film ‘PK’. It is a more Hindu-targeted comedy film, in which a goddess falls on Earth and a Tamil gharana. These films are generally quite comical as well as eye-opening and we hope to have the same entertainment with Mookutty Amman as we did by PK.

‘Mookutty Amman’ is set to launch on Disney + Hotstar on Diwali on 14 November 2020.

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