The date of the Qatar-UAE match in the Gulf Cup Finals 25

The third round of the 25th Gulf Cup ends with that final match for the UAE national team, which, if it draws or wins against Qatar, knocks an opportunity for Kuwait to qualify in the semi-final match in the event of its victory over Bahrain. Follow us to find out the date of the Qatar-UAE match and what channels will broadcast that match.

The date of the match between Qatar and the United Arab Emirates

The date of the match between Qatar and the United Arab Emirates

That match will be shown next Friday, which corresponds to January 13th at six o’clock Saudi time, at the same time as the Bahrain-Kuwait match. That match is decisive for the Qatari team. If it wins, it will put its feet in the final text match, and if it loses, it will leave an opportunity for the Kuwaiti team to determine its fate.

The Qatari team has no choice but to win to ensure qualification with Bahrain, even if Kuwait wins against Bahrain. So far, Iraq and Bahrain have played in the semi-final match, and we are waiting for two matches on Thursday and Friday to know who qualified with them from among the following teams (Saudi Arabia – Oman – Kuwait – Qatar), the opportunity is difficult for all of them in crucial matches for each team.

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Gulf Cup standings 25

According to the order, two teams exit from the first and second round, namely (Yemen-UAE), and two teams advance to the semi-final match (Bahrain-Iraq). The schedule is as follows:

The first group

  1. Iraq: 4 points, with a difference in the number of goals from Oman.
  2. Oman: 4 points.
  3. Saudi Arabia: 3 points.
  4. Yemen: 0 points.

the second group

  1. Bahrain: 6 points.
  2. Qatar: 3 points, with a difference in the number of goals from Kuwait.
  3. Kuwait: 3 points
  4. UAE: 0 points.

Channels broadcasting the Qatar-UAE match

Channels broadcasting the Qatar-UAE match

The match will be broadcast live on:

  • Saudi Sports.
  • Fourth Sport.

25 Gulf Cup rounds

After the end of the first and second rounds, the third round remains, which determines the fate of the (Kuwait-Qatar-Saudi Arabia-Oman) team, to move to the semi-final match on January 16th with four teams, then the final match on January 19th with only two teams playing for the 25th Cup.

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Who won the 22nd Gulf Cup?

The Qatari team.

Is the Gulf Cup an official tournament?

Yes, the cup started on January 5th and ends on January 19th.

Who won the last Gulf Cup?

Bahraini team against Saudi Arabia 1/0.

How many Gulf Cups for Kuwait?

Kuwait won the Gulf Cup 10 times.

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