The date of the Saudi Arabia and Oman match in the pre-mid-final round, and the broadcast channels .. Gulf Cup 25

We are all waiting for the third and final round before the mid-finals in the 25th Gulf Cup rounds. Then, we will wait for 4 teams qualified for the mid-finals on Monday, January 16th, in that exciting cup on the soil of Iraq between eight Gulf teams. Follow us to find out the date of the match between Saudi Arabia and Oman, the first match. On Thursday the 12th of January.

The date of the Saudi Arabia and Oman match

The date of the Saudi Arabia and Oman match

After the end of the first and second rounds in the Gulf Cup, we await the third and final round until we bid farewell to 4 teams and continue with 4 other teams in the middle of the final, and the third round begins next Thursday, corresponding to January 12, with the Saudi Arabia and Oman match at six o’clock in the evening Saudi time.

For that match to determine who is the qualified team. So far, the Omani team is superior to Saudi Arabia by one point, so that Oman’s points total is 4 points, while Saudi Arabia has only three points. Will the green team do it and qualify for the semi-finals? He has no choice but to win that match, even by a single point.

After that, we are waiting for a team from them to qualify for the semi-finals, which will be on January 16 at 4:15 Saudi time. It is expected that the Iraqi team will qualify with it because it will play in the third round against the Yemeni team, which has not yet obtained any points.

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Channels broadcasting the match between Saudi Arabia and Oman

Channels broadcasting the match between Saudi Arabia and Oman

The match is broadcast live on these channels:

  • Abu Dhabi Sports.
  • Sharjah Sports.
  • Kuwait Sports.
  • Iraq Sports.
  • Fourth, sports.
  • Country Cup.

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When will the Gulf Championship 25 end?

The tournament ends on January 19th at seven o’clock KSA.

How long is the Gulf Cup?

Only three weeks long, this cup is held every two years.

Who won the Gulf Cup 24?

The Bahraini team won against Saudi Arabia by one point for the first time in the history of the 25th Gulf Cup.

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