The Family Man S2 Teaser: Samantha’s First Look, Srikanth on a Deadly Mission! – binged

Amazon headThe most awaited action thriller The Family Man S2 has so far got everyone in its seat. With less than a month left for its premiere, fans are going crazy for the show’s arrival. Prime Video recently released an official teaser for the second season which is promising and larger than the previous season.

The teaser was started by Srikanth’s wife Suchitra from his cell phone, which he did not get. His children are also missing him as he has disappeared from their lives. Srikanth’s daughter is also worried about his whereabouts and is thinking that he left home due to some issues with his wife.

Then we see JK, who is remembering Srikanth and is unaware of his whereabouts despite being his accomplice.

It is then shown that Srikanth is assigned a high-profile mission that involves a dangerous alliance between two organizations (possibly terrorist organizations) that can cause massive damage to the nation. Also the highlight of the short teaser was the appearance of Samantha Akkineni, we get a small glimpse of her character. It is reported that she is playing the role of an antagonist in the second season of The Family Man.

From the teaser, it is clear that Srikanth’s personal life is diverging from his professional responsibilities and his new mission, which has sought to cut himself off with communication with his family and loved ones. Also we saw a group of terrorists planning their attack.

One thing is for sure that this season has raised huge expectations among fans and with the teaser, the second season of The Family It is bigger and better looking than the predecessor. In addition, a full trailer will arrive on 19 January 2021.

There are many mysteries that remain to be answered. Family Man S2 arrives on Amazon Prime on February 12, 2020.

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