The First Lightning Security Key For IPhones Is Here, And It Works With USB-C, Too

If you’ve wanted to just plug in a physical security Secret in your iPhone to Log into apps securely — rather than debatable text messages or paging on to your authenticator app — now you can. Yubico is releasing the YubiKey 5Ci, the security key that may plug into your iPhone’s Lightning a interface or port Now, and it is compatible with 1Password and popular password vaults LastPass .

That means you may not have to remember your password to your bank ever Plug the YubiKey in your iPhone, use it to log into the 1Password program, and find that lender password. At launch, it’ll encourage these managers and single programs: 1Password, Bitwarden Idaptive, LastPass, and Okta. When employing the Brave browser for iOS, the YubiKey 5Ci can be used as an easier way to log into Twitter, GitHub, 1Password’s web app, and a few other solutions .

Notably, the 5Ci does not work with the newest IPad Pros at all, despite having a USB-C connector which matches. And you can’t just plug the Lightning side of the 5Ci into an iPhone and expect it to function with any service which supports the FIDO authentication protocol — our passwordless future isn’t here just yet. Yubico informs The Verge that providers have to separately add support for Lightning connector on the 5Ci into their apps.

There are other choices if you do not need to shell out $70 for the YubiKey 5Ci for simpler access to LastPass or even 1Password. Both let you log in using a face or mic scan at no cost.

And If You Would like a safety key that Does not plug into an iPhone, there are other choices, such as YubiKeys. Plugs right into a computer with a port. The YubiKey 5C, that costs $50, does exactly the same with USB-C.

You could also consider Google’s Titan Security Keys, which market as a $50 set up, with a single USB-A key which has a USB-C adapter and NFC (which just works with Android) plus one with Bluetooth and NFC (also only with Android phones). Google also lets Android users on Android 7 or higher use their phone as a physical safety key.

With the launch of this YubiKey 5Ci, though of today Potentially have access to login security. Hopefully Will add support to your authentication that is greater tools driven by companies like Yubico and Google. Once they do, maybe we get to this passwordless future.

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