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Though the thought of ‘The Hunting of Hill House’ scares us, we wonder why Olivia Cran killed herself in the show?

Hill House Den‘Is one of the best horror shows of this decade. this Netflix The show, which is based on Shirley Jackson’s 1959 novel of the same name, does an unprecedented job of chilling out a worthy story. One of the key elementsHill House Den‘Olivia is craned. He is a major character, and also a major horror element. Even though she died decades ago according to the current time of the show, she runs the show through flashbacks and her creepy appearance. However, what causes fans to fail to understand Why Olivia killed herself in ‘The Hunting of Hill House’. So, let’s discuss what happened to him.

main characteristics –

  • Why did Olivia kill herself in the ‘House of Hill House’?
  • Hill House betrayed Olivia.
  • Why did the loving mother kill herself?
  • What happens to Olivia later in the story?

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Why did Olivia kill herself in the ‘House of Hill House’?

Olivia was a loving mother, and she loved her children with anything. Her character becomes the most interesting due to her love, and for the fact that she remains the major horror element in the series. However, some fans are still confused as to why Olivia killed herself. While there were many things in her suicide, the major element was her confusion due to Hill House.

Why did Olivia Crane kill herself? | TV and web | Entertainment | Tech

Hill House betrayed Olivia.

In ‘Hill House Den‘, True awe lived in the house. The Hill House was haunted, and it lured the family and everyone who came into the house believed in realities that were not true. Hill House treated everyone differently. It made different appearances for different family members and made them believe in things that were not true. This actually led to some terrible incidents.

Olivia Crane was also killed at Hill House. whereas Olivia, Hugh, and their children Steven, Shirley, Theodora, Luke and Eleanor (Nell) Living in Hill House, they were all facing the horrors of the house. However, Olivia was living under the illusion that her children Luke and Nell are living in an eternal nightmare, and the only way to save them is to kill them.

There was another little girl named Abigail. Because she was the daughter of Hill House stewards, and they hid her, Olivia was unaware of her existence. But when she learns of Luke’s friendship with Abigail, she thinks in her confusion that Abigail is a ghost and is hunting Luke.

Because whoever dies in the Hill House becomes part of the horror story.

Why did the loving mother kill herself?

Olivia represented both love and horror in ‘The Hunting of Hill House’. In her confusion, she brings Luke, Nell and Abigail to the Red Room. When he plans to kill both of his children with poison, he is Abigail, who is killed first after drinking poisoned tea. This suggests that Abigail is, in fact, a real girl and not a ghost.

At the same moment, Hugh arrives, and he sees what Olivia did to the caretaker’s daughter, and what she was about to do for her children. Hugh drives the children out of the house.

Meanwhile, Olivia is taken to the Hill House to take her own life. She jumps off the balcony and commits suicide. Hugh returns to find his wife dead. While we see Olivia’s ghost roaming the Hill House, Hugh is unaware that anyone who dies in the Hill House becomes part of it. Hugh and the children flee there, forever, until they return after 26 years.

What happens to Olivia later in the story?

Years later, when Nail Returning to The Hill House, we discover that Olivia had been waiting for her children all these years. She missed her family and she wants everyone with her now. The only way to do this is to kill them. Olivia kills Nell, and thus Nell becomes part of the house. Olivia intends to do the same with all her grown children. He traps them all in the Red Room. But Hugh convinces her to free him and take him instead. Hugh takes his own life and thus becomes a part of the household. He lives with Olivia and Nell forever, and their children get to live an independent life.

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