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Wine critic James Sickling (Photo: Business Wire)

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The Hong Kong Wine and Dine Festival organized by the Hong Kong Tourism Board (HKTB) will debut for the first time with an “online + offline” format, providing audiences at home and abroad with a new gastronomic experience that is not time bound and geographical constraints .

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Wine critic James Sickling (Photo: Business Wire)

The festival will run for five weeks from November 11 to December 15, with a number of new experiences including an online wine cellar, gourmet at home menus, and live-streamed cookery and wine-tasting masterclasses. -Stop online platform. Offline experiences include special deals and gastronomic events offered by hundreds of dining outlets across the city for consumers to enjoy.

For our global audience, the highlight of the event is a diverse range of 34 online masterclasses that viewers can enjoy for free. Masterclasses will be live-streamed WineDineFestival.DiscoverHongKong.com Three consecutive Saturdays and Sundays from November 21 to December 6. They cover a range of topics from wine and spirits trends to fine dining, healthy eating and the art of food plating.

Those who enjoy a wave can tune into wine talks by Hong Kong-based, internationally acclaimed critic James Suckling and Master of Wine Debra Meiburg, on themes such as “New Wave Bordeaux” and “The Pacific West”, respectively Will share recommendations. . Suckling will offer three bottles of cheap new wine from Bordeaux. “Hong Kong is one of the best wine cities in the world in the same rankings as London and New York,” Suckling said. “Hong Kong also remains the number one export market for Bordeaux wine. This year’s festival is going to reach more people around the world, and I’m really looking forward to it.”

Cocktail lovers should not miss the masterclass of the award-winning mixologist Jay Khan, who will see the co-founder of Mexican bar COA in action, whipping up tequila cocktails. To hone their skills in the kitchen for food, live cooking demonstrations – led by Hong Kong chefs such as Ocean and Shane Osborne of Cornerstone and Vicky Cheng of VAA Restaurant & Lounge – a great way to learn new tips Opportunity and trick.

It is also worth noting that the All-Women line-up is on 28 November. Themed Ladies Talk, five influencers who are shaking up Hong Kong’s food and beverage scene, will each host a masterclass to share a unique take on their own expertise. Influencing the order of appearance are Shirley Kwok, founder of Vegetarian Bakery, Cakery, Tate Dining Room Chef Vicky Lau, Certified Eats Sommelier Jamie Lo, Master of Wine Sarah Heller, and Actress Winner Bernice Liu.

HKTB President Dr. YK Pang said: “Although the HKTB’s mega events have been suspended for some time, we are drawing on our ingenuity and resources to promote and adapt against the backdrop of an epidemic that has been ours for some time. Will be nearby

“So we have decided to resume the staging of mega events, and adopt a new offline online + offline’ format for the Hong Kong Wine and Dine Festival 2020. It is a new enterprise designed for the new normal in which we find ourselves. HKTB is doing this to ensure that people can join this annual event despite the epidemic, and help our hard hit businesses to promote their products and open up new business opportunities in these challenging times . “

Dr. Pang said: “Our aim is to boost Hong Kong’s economy and give a positive message to the world that Hong Kong’s soul and love of life has not been lifted in any way by the epidemic, and when we put our signature events on stage We can use our innovation to bring them as we prepare to welcome those coming to our city. ”

For more information about Hong Kong Wine and Dine Festival 2020 And the full schedule of online masterclasses, please see: WineDineFestival.DiscoverHongKong.com.

Images can be accessed via: https://hktb.filecamp.com/s/WD_Festival_2020/fo

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