The Hunting Series is a response to Netflix’s American Horror Story

The haunting series emerged as Netflix’s response to the iconic horror series American Horror Story, but the haunting here actually does better.

It was once said that Netflix’s show The Hunting of Hill House was the beginning of an anthology series. This started comparing Ryan Murphy’s iconic horror anthology to American Horror Story.

With comparisons between the two, The Hunting is Netflix’s response to AHS, but it applies the anthology format and horror genre to a more influential approach.

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What does each Haunting series represent?

At the time of drafting this article, AHS has its 10th year with no conclusions in sight. Each season tells a completely unique horror story with a repeat cast of actors; Nevertheless, Murphy has woven each season into a cosmos linked together.

Meanwhile, The Hunting has two sections under its belt. Mike Flanagan’s series takes this classic horror literature and incorporates it into separate narratives brought to life by a core group of lead storytellers, focusing primarily on ghost stories.

All series have parts that are similar to neglect; Nevertheless, as Murphy and Falagan found ways to ensure that their respective shows could stand on their own feet, Falagan left more of an impact on her audience.

The fact that they are a commercially successful horror anthology is the biggest connection between AHS and The Hunting. Horror is more of a holiday genre, so both shows of the same genre are bound to do comparisons to reach that level of fame.

The haunting series has more horror-less characters. AHS uses ghosts, but also includes vampires, serial killers, killer clowns, and antichrist as villains. Hunting has so far only used spirits. With a laser focus on ghosts the series completed the way these audiences were used.

Although they are scary, they are used even more to represent emotional trauma. It creates a deeper and more frightening experience as it digs into the core of the viewer. So The Hunting is more effective at scaring its audience, proving that less can be more.

The Haunting series can be a strong show. But there is a reason that AHS has been in operation for almost a decade. This is a fun watch and setting the value of several years of fixed connections is some clever Marvel-level work.

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