‘The journey to my fit body was not easy’ – Goole

Kangana Ranaut, who is playing the titular role in Jayalalithaa’s most awaited biopic Thilai, has revealed that she had gained 20 kg for the role. Kangana said in her post that she gained weight and did Bharatanatyam. He said that because of this his back was badly damaged. Kangana is now working hard to lose her extra weight. He has focused on fitness.

“I played the first super hanglirang on the Indian screen, thanks to my body, a rare combination of rare looks, yet in my 30s, I had to gain 20 kilograms for thalaivi n bharatanatyam, it severely hit my back Damaged, but no greater satisfaction to play the role of perfection, ”Kangana wrote, sharing some photos.

“The journey to my fit body was not easy, I feel good, but even in seven months I have not been able to achieve my earlier stamina and agility and have not bounced past 5 kg. There are moments of disappointment and then my director Vijay sir shows me the live footage and everything seems fine, ”Kangana said in a previous post.

Meanwhile, Kangana’s updated look is winning the internet. Netizens are appreciative of her commitment and dedication. He had recently shot for Thalivei in Hyderabad, where he debuted an important show.

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