‘The Nervousness All Killed Me’ – TheMiracleTech

Director-turned-actor Tharu Bhaskar was to direct Venkatesh in the film with a horse racing background. However, following an official announcement last year, the film never flew due to unknown reasons. Now, all of a sudden, Tharun took to Instagram this afternoon and announced his third project.

“The third one really hit me hard. Panic almost killed me. “There were two big projects and there was really an eternity to choose from,” Tharun said in his Insta post. He said that his next film will be a crime drama with a theme that has excited him.

“It is real and I have to work with a star whom I admire. It will not disappoint. Wait for it, ”Tharun wrote in his post, adding that an official announcement would be made soon. Well, Tharoon is hinting that he will work with Venky?

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