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With NBC ready to launch its new streaming platform Mayur, the reunion of the hit show will work for executives and fans alike.

The iconic show about the life and love of employees of a medium-sized paper company is finally about to get a new life. One type. NBC is considering a very special ‘Office‘Reunion as part of the launch of their own streaming platform Mayur. The NBC sitcom came to an end in 2013 after a nine-season knockout, And even after all these years, the show has continued to add to its fan base. The show was picked up by Netflix US for a reunion on its platform, where it surpassed sitcom classics ‘friend’ According to most watched Shows.

But contract with Netflix was canceled as NBC Universal had plans for Mayur, And it is on this platform that the show will air in the US at least from next year.


  • How reunion will help increase ratings
  • Could ‘The Office’ be rebooted as well?

How reunion will help increase ratings

Entice viewers to engage Mor with a special reunion of hits and iconic shows like ‘The Office’ Makes perfect sense Good work. Considering the fact that there are so many streaming platforms to choose from now, new viewers need to bend over to convince them to subscribe to your platform. Although shows like ‘The Office’ have their huge legacy, they will definitely require good quality shows to really bring viewers to the new streaming platform. In that sense, a reunion also seems perfect.

Apart from this, fans also feel quite Receptive With the idea of ​​a reunion, what with the success of a show like Reunion?30 rock’And’parks and Recreation’In various innovative ways. The show’s two cast members Jenna Fisher (who plays Pam) and Angela Kinsey (who plays Angela) are running a podcast called “The Office Ladies“In which they sit down and broadcast each episode of the show, giving listeners information about the way. The podcast has also made much of a discussion, proving that any ‘office’ related There is no dearth of fan interest for the thing.

Could ‘The Office’ be rebooted as well?

The people of NBCUniversal look forward to the reunion of ‘The Office’, the success story of HBO Max. When HBO decided to launch HBO Max, it bought ‘Friends’ away from Netflix to exclusively stream on its platform and cut short the transition with plans for a larger ‘Friends Reunion Special’. This has worked very well for HBO Max. So it is sure to get a new platform like going to Mayur.


But can a reboot do the same?

Maybe it could, but in NBCUniversal’s plans around launch, A reboot is not data. Bill McGoldrick, The President of original material Said at NBC Universal, “time limit”,

“Because it doesn’t launch until January, we haven’t specifically talked about the reboot of ‘The Office’ for More; we’ve talked about the things we’ve been doing to support ‘The Office’ Can do, because it’s for our service, but a reboot hasn’t come specifically for Mayur.

Interestingly, Steve Carell, who plays the iconic Michael Scott on the show, doesn’t really believe it would be good to re-show the series at the present time as the objectionable behavior is revealed. In any case, we are happy now that there is something to look forward to soon in the coming year!

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