The reversal of the scales in the ranking of the highest-paid Formula 1 drivers

The Dutch driver made $60 million in 2022, including $20 million in bonuses, according to Forbes magazine.Hamilton” Driver “MercedesOn $55 million, all of which came from his regular salary without any additional money.

Verstappen’s fortune

The Dutch driver’s net worth has risenMax VerstappenLast year, it reached $200 million, and its annual income increased from $40 million in 2021 to $60 million by the end of 2022.

Verstappen had signed a new contract before last season, and ended 2022 with a record-breaking 15 wins. Formula 1 He leads the drivers’ standings with 146 points, and succeeded in giving Red Bull the first constructors’ championship win since 2013 and ending Mercedes’ eight-year dominance.

Verstappen had faced severe criticism during the past season because of what was described as his “aggressive” way of driving, but his obvious driving talent put him in the right place at the top of the drivers’ ranking, as experts expect him to continue on top for several years.

Hamilton’s worst season

Tamer Abdel-Khalek, founder and director of the Motor Speed ​​TV website, which specializes in the world of motors, told Sky News Arabia that British Lewis Hamilton had in the past had multiple activities outside the scope of racing, and his social activities were very high, so he was getting a lot of Funds for his great activity and his presence in many events.

Abdel Khalek added that the year 2022 was the worst in the history of “Hamilton” career, as he had not achieved any victories since entering the world of Formula 1 in 2007.

The Egyptian journalist, who specializes in mechanical sports, confirmed that “Max Verstappen” was the opposite of Hamilton, as his activities within the field of motorsport are great and even outside Formula 1, as he works with Red Bull as a promoter of the company’s advertising activities.

Eid Al-Khaliq stated that “Hamilton” signed a contract with the “Mercedes” team in 2015 at about 30 million dollars upon signing and a one-year salary of 120 million dollars annually, then he raised his salary in 2018 to 42 million dollars in a contract that was extended to 2020, which is the contract that He placed him at the top of the 2018 Forbes list as the highest paid Formula 1 driver.

Hamilton fortune

Hamilton’s net worth is about $825 million, as he is considered one of the highest-paid athletes in the world and is the eighth richest athlete in the world, but Verstappen’s superiority over him in 2022 will certainly change the scene in Formula 1 on the financial level of drivers and create a different orientation among brand owners. The big business looking for new faces in its advertising campaigns from time to time.

Veteran Spaniard Fernando Alonso came as a driver.Aston MartinHe is in third place on the list of the highest-paid drivers at $30 million, despite his ninth place in the annual Formula 1 drivers ranking, and his net worth is about $260 million at the beginning of this year, according to Wealthy Gorilla.

Ranking of the highest paid drivers list

  1. Dutchman Max Verstappen $60 million.
  2. Britain’s Lewis Hamilton $55 million.
  3. Spain’s Fernando Alonso $30 million.
  4. Mexican Sergio Perez $26 million.
  5. Charles Leclerc, who holds Monaco citizenship, has a net worth of $23 million.
  6. German Sebastian Vettel $17 million.
  7. Australian Daniel Ricciardo $17 million.
  8. Spaniard Carlos Sainz $14 million.
  9. Britain’s Lando Norris $11 million.
  10. Britain’s George Russell $10 million.

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