The Ripper: The Story of a Killer Who Terrorized England

For 5 years between 1975 – 1980, the Yorkshire Rippers Murders cast a gloom over the woman’s life in northern England. 13 women were killed, and the police seemed no closer to apprehending the killer. Ara There is a Netflix original that supports all incidents involving this heinous act.

An entire country was horrified because a crazy killer was on the loose. Even though we have become so developed in the name of progress, there are very few people who do such degrading and gruesome acts, which leave us in shock at how demeaning a person can be.

The Yorkshire Ripper is a story that will give you nightmares as it tormented its victims and even highlighted the vestiges inherent within our society. He was famous for a modus operandi that usually involved killing prostitutes, but when he claimed the life of a woman who was not a prostitute, everyone was stunned.

Women across the country were told not to roam alone, and officials in the case were also surprised. Dialogues like “Any woman was at risk” and “Could I have done more”. Shows us helplessness about the whole situation. However that lasts for a long time, when one of them makes a statement, “He was the last man nobody expected.” It makes me wonder whether we even know the people who are around us or we notice their innocence.

Netflix has never been ashamed when it allows us to take the curtain off or peep behind some of the most controversial and horrific crimes of our age. This documentary is releasing on Netflix on 16 December.

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