The Sycovia Agreement is not forgotten, the Civil War continues in Phase 4 on Disney + – Tech

As soon as the MCU enters Phase 4, the civil war results begin to be over. While Captain America and Iron Man found that their resolve was not the government…

The MCU may have forgotten the trail of the endgame of civil war, but they are far from being healed. In 2012 the formation of the Avengers “brought together a group of notable people” saved the Earth from destruction. And with each team-up, the fighting and destruction only got bigger with higher prices being paid. Meanwhile, the likes of Ultron and Winter Soldier were proof that Karma superheroes can indeed produce fatalities.

See: Debate on Sokovia Accord | Captain America: Civil War (2016)

After all aspects of the destruction, which were associated with the Avengers, the final destruction in Lagos led to the proposal of the Sokovas Agreement. It was named after the disbanded location of Sokovia, seen after the Avengers as they took Ultron. The bill would make the Avengers a body registered and regulated by world governments. Thus, for any indefinite action, they will be held accountable.

But, while Tony Stark believes the Avengers “need to check … whatever form it takes, I’m playing”, Steve Rogers disagrees. They believe that they are “not taking responsibility for our actions.” While Tony wants to legalize the team to prevent it from happening above the law, Steve believes it may lead to delayed action. And not to mention their real identity would put them and their loved ones at risk as well. Each member chooses either side, and they go their separate ways. In the end, the fight against Thanos removes Accord from the big picture. However, there is still evidence that the MCU civil war results are far from over.

Spider-Man is on a run for Murder Mysterio

Spider-Man: For From Home is the only film set after the endgame. Peter is mourning the death of his mentor Tony Stark. In the MCU Civil War, he was a part of Tony’s team, supporting the Accords. Away from For Home, we see him working under the orders of Nick Fury and Maria Hill (who later describe himself as Skirls). By the end of the film, Mysterio was able to set him up for a terrorist attack in London. This j. Joanna gets more heated with Jameson, leading a media backlash against Spider-Man, as he always does. It works in direct opposition to the Sokovia Agreement for web-crawlers. And only this proves that even friendly neighborhood Spider-Man can bring world class mayhem if not “under investigation”.

Endgame Increases Civil War Tension

The Earth gives the Avengers a non-payable loan to defeat Thenos and prevent worldwide carnage. Theos’ snap was “inevitable”, even though the Avengers were not formed. This is not like Ultron, who was originally Tony’s brainchild. Nevertheless, the collateral damage that Earth saw in Infinity War and the Endgame would always hold the Avengers responsible, even if only partially. This is because despite Snape affecting the Earth, Thanos arrived only because he came to know about the Infinity Stones present here. This definitely brings back the words uttered by two people in the first MCU. in 2012 The avengers Thor said “Your work with Tesract attracted Loki and his colleagues [the Chitauri]. It is a sign of all the realms who are ready for a higher form of earth warfare. “

Our great strength invites the challenge. The challenge provokes conflict. And conflict causes havoc.

In sight Civil war (2016)

Tony was responsible for creating Ultron, who outsmarted Mind-Stone in Vision, and the Scarlet Witch got his powers from it as well. Thor could not protect the Infinity Stones in Asgard, and Doctor Strange carried the Time Stone with him like a jewel. Holding a finger for someone and blaming the Avengers and their lust for power is considered the main cause of Thanos’ arrival and the destruction and death of millions of people.

Captain America and Bucky are still “vigilant”

Steve Rogers and Bucky Barnes can still take the tag of vigilance, posting their actions in the MCU Civil War, even after playing their roles in the final endgame fight. We get a clear glimpse of this when General Ross comes face to face with Steve Rogers in Infinity War. “The world on fire and you think all is forgiven?” Asks Ross to Captain. It seems like a sign that they have not yet been forgiven. At the moment, authorities are not aware that Rogers is an old man. And the fact that the mantle of defeating Thanos fell into Stark’s hands still puts Captain and Bucky at the very top of America’s most wanted list.

General Ross has always been at the forefront of bringing the Avengers within government legislations. While he acknowledges that the Avengers have protected and saved the Earth many times, there is “unlimited power and no supervision.” This is a system that the governments of the world can no longer tolerate. “In addition, Ross also has the theory of being a Hydra agent. And if this is true, he will do all in his power to divide and disrupt the Avengers. And endgame can’t stand in the way either. He is making a comeback in the films Black Widow and is rumored to be opening The Falcon and The Winter Soldier for Thunderbolt in the MCU.

Hawkeye’s Ronin tracks can be detected

Hawkeye takes note of Ronin’s identity and goes into a murder spree after Thanos snaps his entire family. He had already turned against the law when he picked sides with Steve Rogers in the MCU Civil War. However, Natasha brought her back, she fought a war and eventually returned to her home with her family.

However, we know that he will be making a comeback in his solo Disney + series. And if his act Ronin Re-surfacing for the public’s eye, it would be a major boost for the likes of General Ross. This would only add to the strengthening of the Sokovia Agreement.

Be that as it may, adding Sokovia to future storylines would be a great way to add realism to the characters as well as to the MCU. Even thinking about different possibilities makes us “non-separable non-hypervariable”, right?

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