The Wilds: Highlighting an accessory of a modern teen

Wilds Is the story of a group of teenage girls who come from different backgrounds and are forced to fight for their survival after being stranded on a deserted island. They are forced to leave their everyday lives behind, but were their normal lives worth it as well.

Living the life of a teenager who is filled with a lot of worries and expectations about the future is not particularly easy, especially when you feel like the people around you are always good at certain things, depending on how Giving you the decision.

Wills takes you on a ride and although it is deeply reminiscent of the famous series ‘Lost’, it gives us a ride on how teenagers have to navigate through many unseen obstacles. Sometimes a break from this unforgivable world may be just the thing you need, but that doesn’t mean you should always run away at the first sign of trouble.

Trauma and anxiety know no background; It does not look at caste or religion; It does not see gender or creed. In this case, it also helps to make keys that join this group of Castaways because you can’t always run away from your feeling and just embracing them can be the best things to happen in a while.

There is a twist to this exciting saga and that is that these girls did not end up on the island by mistake. The Wilds not only make for an engaging teen and survival drama, but also shed light on some of the fascinating issues we see in today’s youth.

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