Theaters Open: Audience Missing | Has Lakshmi become the lifeline of bomb theaters

Permission to open theaters which remained closed for nearly seven months due to coronaviruses was granted from 15 October, although the decision was left to the state government. In some states, theaters were open and in some areas, the lock was still hanging.

Despite being allowed to open cinemas, only a few theaters are open in every city. In multiplexes, only one or two screens have been commissioned, with only two or three shows being shown daily. Single screen cinema is unable to muster the courage to open locks that have been hanging for months.

Actually, there is no new film. In the Kovid epidemic, if the audience does not come to see the new film, then who will watch the old films? The shows that are running have no audience at all.

So whatever shows happened, they were completely empty. Shows of some films had to be canceled for viewers’ want.

In this case, the electricity cost of cinema is not met. The condition of the film industry is bad. The big producers want to release their film only when they are allowed to show the film at full capacity. Given the situation at the moment, in these two-three months it is not expected that full capacity is allowed. Till then the cinema hall will keep on battling.

Are audiences afraid of coming to theaters? The answer will be known only when the film of a big or famous star is released.

Laxmi Bomb:

Now the wait will be over very soon as the film will be released on 9 November 2020. Now it will be interesting to see how much the film will impress the fans, as the expectations for this film are very high. As it is the first major release during the epidemic.

Many films have appeared before this but none could work wonders.

If they do not get an audience, the answer will be that Corona’s fear persists. At the moment, it can only be estimated.

It is not a matter of everyone to follow the cleanliness and guidelines of the government. Many theaters have very low incomes, so they cannot afford new expenses.

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